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Welcome to WikiCarpedia, the Carcassonne Complete Annotated Rules Wiki!
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This site is intended to be comprehensive source for all rules of Carcassonne, the modern classic created by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, and any other information concerning the Carcassonne board game hobby.

If you are new here, please check the About page for some welcome information. If you want to get in touch with other fans of Carcassonne for the latest news, participating in games and leagues, or learning about fan expansions and more, do not miss the opportunity to join the community at (CarcassonneCentral).

You can easily find rules and notes to any expansion or game release in the lists below.

Carcassonne rules

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Carcassonne Editions
Home Page C1.jpg C1, the 1st edition (2000-2016)

The original edition with graphics by Doris Matthäus
Home Page C2.jpg C2, the 2nd edition (2014-2022)

The new edition with graphics by Anna Pätzke
Home Page C3.jpg C3, the 3rd edition (2020-)

The updated new edition featuring clipped city buildings at the edges and more detailed graphics by Marcel Gröber
Rule selection by design Spin-offs.png If your tiles have none of the previous designs, you have one of the Carcassonne Spin-offs. Choose your game in Spin-offs section

Base game set

Edition C1 C2 C3
Base Game C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
The Farmers C2 & C3 rules
The Abbot C2 & C3 rules
River C1 rules C2 & C3 rules

Major Expansions

Edition C1 C2 C3
Exp. 1 - Inns & Cathedrals C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Exp. 2 - Traders & Builders C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Exp. 3 - The Princess & the Dragon C1 rules C2 rules
Exp. 4 - The Tower C1 rules C2 rules
Exp. 5 - Abbey & Mayor C1 rules C2 rules
Exp. 6 - Count, King & Robber C1 rules C2 rules
Exp. 7 - The Catapult [1] C1 rules
Exp. 8 - Bridges, Castles & Bazaars C1 rules C2 rules
Exp. 9 - Hills & Sheep C1 rules C2 rules
Exp. 10 - Under the Big Top C2 rules
Exp. 11 - Ghosts, Castles & Cemeteries C3 rules
The Wheel of Fortune C1 rules

Minor Expansions

Edition C1 C2 C3
Mini expansions
Mini #1 - The Flying MachinesMini #1 - The Flying Machines C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Mini #2 - The MessengersMini #2 - The Messengers C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Mini #3 - The FerriesMini #3 - The Ferries C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Mini #4 - The GoldminesMini #4 - The Goldmines C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Mini #5 - Mage & WitchMini #5 - Mage & Witch C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Mini #6 - The RobbersMini #6 - The Robbers C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Mini #7 - The Crop CirclesMini #7 - The Crop Circles C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Other expansions (alphabetical order)
20th Anniversary Expansion20th Anniversary Expansion C3 rules
20th Anniversary River20th Anniversary River C3 rules
Barber-Surgeons, TheBarber-Surgeons, The C2 rules
Bets, TheBets, The C3 rules
Besiegers, TheBesiegers, The C1 rules
Castles in GermanyCastles in Germany C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Cathars, TheCathars, The C1 rules
German CathedralsGerman Cathedrals C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Darmstadt PromoDarmstadt Promo C1 rules
Drawbridges, TheDrawbridges, The C3 rules
Festival, TheFestival, The C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Fruit-Bearing Trees, TheFruit-Bearing Trees, The C2 & C3 rules
Games Quarterly #11Games Quarterly #11 C1 rules
Gifts, TheGifts, The C3 rules
HalflingsHalflings C1 rules C2 rules
Japanese BuildingsJapanese Buildings C2 rules
Labyrinth, TheLabyrinth, The C1 & C2 rules
Little BuildingsLittle Buildings C1 rules
Markets of Leipzig, TheMarkets of Leipzig, The C2 & C3 rules
Monasteries in GermanyMonasteries in Germany C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Monasteries in the Netherlands & BelgiumMonasteries in the Netherlands & Belgium C1 rules
Peasant Revolts, ThePeasant Revolts, The C3 rules
Phantom, ThePhantom, The C1 rules
Plague, ThePlague, The C1 rules
Russian PromosRussian Promos C1 rules
School, TheSchool, The C1 rules
SiegeSiege C1 rules
Signposts, TheSignposts, The C3 rules
Snakes and LaddersSnakes and Ladders C3 rules
Spell Circles, TheSpell Circles, The C3 rules
Spiel Doch! Promo 2/2018Spiel Doch! Promo 2/2018 C2 rules
Spiel PromosSpiel Promos C2 rules
Spring, TheSpring, The C3 rules
Tollkeepers, TheTollkeepers, The C2 & C3 rules
Tunnel, TheTunnel, The C1 rules
Ukraine PromoUkraine Promo C3 rules
Watchtowers, TheWatchtowers, The C2 & C3 rules
Wind RosesWind Roses C1 rules
Wonders of Humanity, TheWonders of Humanity, The C3 rules

Cut & Play / Print & Play Expansions

Edition C1 C2 C3
Cut & Play expansions
CutCassonneCutCassonne C2 rules
Print & Play expansions
Christmas PresentChristmas Present C1 rules
Easter in CarcassonneEaster in Carcassonne C1 rules
City Gates, TheCity Gates, The C1 rules
Fortune TellerFortune Teller C1 & C2 rules
Land Surveyors, TheLand Surveyors, The (Simulator) C2 rules

Notorious Fan-Expansions

Edition C1 C2 C3
Porxada, LaPorxada, La C1 rules
Wells, TheWells, The C1 rules

Other fan expansions


Edition C1 C2 C3
Carcassonne MapsCarcassonne Maps C2 & C3 rules
Saint Nicholas Scoring BoardSaint Nicholas Scoring Board C2 rules
Solo VariantSolo Variant C2 rules
3D Starting Landscape3D Starting Landscape C3 rules


Edition C1 C2 C3
Land Surveyors Simulator C2 rules

Reference Guides

Edition C1 C2 C3
Game Reference C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Order of Play C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Scoring During Turn Sequence -- Full detail C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Scoring During the Game -- Summary C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Scoring After the Game C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Game Figures C1 rules C2 & C3 rules
Tile Reference C1 C2 C3
Visual Timeline C1 C2 & C3
Mega-Carcassonne C1 & C2 & C3 rules
Scoring: A Historical Perspective C1 rules
Summary of Rule Sets and Changes C1 & C2 & C3 rules

Other rules

Carc mists main 500.png


Home Page WE.jpg Home Page WE 2020.jpg Winter Edition Home Page South Seas.jpg South Seas
Home Page Gold Rush.jpg Gold Rush Home Page Amazonas.jpg Amazonas
Home Page Hunters And Gatherers.jpg Home Page Hunters And Gatherers 2020.jpg Hunters and Gatherers Home Page Star Wars.jpg Star Wars
Home Page The Castle.jpg Home Page The Castle Zamek.jpg The Castle Home Page Ark Of The Covenant.jpg The Ark of the Covenant
Home Page The City.jpg The City Home Page Discovery.jpg The Discovery
Home Page Mayflower.jpg New World Home Page Junior.jpg Home Page Junior 2020.jpg My First Carcassonne
Card-redcards.png Cardcassonne Dice-catapult.png The Dice Game
Home Page Over Hill And Dale.jpg Over Hill and Dale Home Page Safari.jpg Safari
Mists C3 Features Example 02.png Mists over Carcassonne    


Other games
Meeple Stacking.png Meeple Stacking Lucca Map C3 Thumbnail.jpg Lucca Map Mini Game

Additional info


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Exp. 7 - The Catapult was only released in the first edition. The original publisher HiG has no plans to release it in newer editions. (10/2022)