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|- |style="text-align:left;"|Fishing Boats ||C1 ||CKorfmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Boats stacked.png
1x boat for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Fishing Boats
German Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Promotions ||C1 ||Gwommy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Discs stacked.png
1x coloured disc for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Promotions
German Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Court Jester (CARC_Zoner) ||C1 ||CARC_Zoner ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die.png
2x Dice |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Court Jester (CARC_Zoner)
CarcF Rules (CARC_Zoner) ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Day Labourers ||C1 ||D. Maute & Charlie-66 ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||6x Day Labourers in a neutral color[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Die Tagelöhner ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Pilgrims ||C1 ||KlausiMausi ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Pilgrims stacked.png
1x pilgrim[1] for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Die Pilger ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Bethlehem Stable looking for an Inn ||C1 ||Seli & Fritz_Spinne ||0 || ||1x double tile ||Figure Angel.png
1x Angel[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Der Stall von Bethlehem ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Adventurer of Carcassonne ||C1 ||Dieter „Belushi“ Rausch ||0 || ||40x Adventurer ||1x Figure[1] for each playerl
Figure Die.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Der Abenteurer von Carcassonne ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Sheep & Shepherds ||C1 ||LittleMisfit & Scott Myers ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Shepherds stacked.png
2x Shepherds for each player
Figure Sheep stacked.png
6x Sheeps for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Sheep & Shepherds ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Citadels ||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Citadels stacked.png
2x Citadels for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Kevins Carcassonne Variants
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Castles ||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Huts stacked.png
2x Castles for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Kevins Carcassonne Variants
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Thieves Guilds ||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure ThievesGuild stacked.png
2x Thieves guilds[1] for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Kevins Carcassonne Variants
BGG Download
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Grim Reaple ||C1 ||Victor Watrous ||0 || ||2x Graveyard ||Figure GrimReaple.png
1x Grim Reaple |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol GrimReaple.png ||The Grim Reaple
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Inn & Stable Owners ||C1 ||ShadowP68 ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure MeeplesLarge C1.png
4x Owners for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Inn & Stable Owners
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||Wirtshäuser & Kathedralen Inns & Cathedrals

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The House of Valois ||C1 ||Wicke ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Meeple gold.png
2x Large Golden Meeple |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The House of Valois
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Kids are Growing Up ||C1 ||Wicke ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure MeeplesLarge C1.png
2x Mini Meeple for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Kids are Growing Up
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Hog Roast ||C1 ||Novelty & Joff ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Pig white.png
1x White Pig |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Hog Roast
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Leper ||C1 ||Novelty & Joff ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Leper.png
1x Leper |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Leper
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Black Tower ||C1 ||Joff ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Tower black.png
12x Black Tower Levels
Figure Tower white.png
6x White Tower Levels |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Black Tower
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||Der Turm The Tower

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Noblemen ||C1 ||Wicke ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Noblemen stacked.png
3x Noblemen for each player
Figure BigNobleman.png
2x Large White Noblemen |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Noblemen
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Monasteries ||C1 ||Meepleater ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Monasteries stacked.png
1x Monastery for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Monasteries
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Butcher ||C1 ||Joe Vancura ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Butcher[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Butcher
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Dual dragon ||C1 ||Joff ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Dragon white.png
1x White Dragon |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Dual Dragon
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||Burgfräulein & Drache Princess & Dragon

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Count of Tuscany ||C1 ||Wicke ||0 || ||1x City (4x3) as Florence ||Figure Count black.png
1x Black Count |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Count of Tuscany
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||Katharer & optional Belagerer Cathars & optional Siege

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Sinkholes ||C1 ||Piklach & Rich_The_Fish ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die.png
1x Die (1-6)
Figure Disc nature.png
1x wooden disc as major sinkhole [2] as alternative to token
Figure Discs stacked.png
1x coloured disc for each player [3] as alternative to token ||1x Major Sinkhole[4]
Token Coloured stacked.png
1x Minor Sinkhole for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||Sinkholes
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Citadel ||C1 ||Asparagus ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Citadel.png
1x Citadels
Figure Disc nature.png
10x wooden disc as alternative to token ||10x Token[5] |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Citadel ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Small Bridges ||C1/C2 ||Oldbonz ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Bridge.png
12x Bridge |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Small Bridges ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Hook, Line & Sinker ||C1 ||Canada Steve ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Fishermen stacked.png
1x Fisher for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Hook, Line & Sinker ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Santa, Snowman & Grinch ||C1/C2 ||Meepledrone ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Santa.png
1x Santa
Figure Frosty.png
1x Snowmann
Figure Grinch.png
1x Grinch
Figure FirTree.png
1x Fir tree |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Santa, Snowman & Grinch ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Menaces ||C1 ||invinitas ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Pied Piper[1] for each player
Figure Die.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Die Plagen ||to be updated ||Incomplete, only draft rules

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Friendly Cities ||C1 ||? ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Huts stacked.png
3x House for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Hidden Character ||C1 ||invinitas ||0 ||0 ||8x Character cards ||Figure Discs stacked.png
25x Marker for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Versteckte Charakter ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Crusader ||C1 || Marvin ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Crusader.png
5x Crusader |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Die Kreuzritter ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Green Christmas ||C1 ||Seli & Fritz_Spinne ||0 || ||1x double tile ||Figure Angel.png
1x Angel[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Grüne Weihnachten ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Musician ||C1 ||-enel- ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Count.png
1x Musician
Figure Die.png
1x Die (1-1-2-2-3-3) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Der Spielmann ||to be updated ||Die Räuber The Robbers

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Les Assasins ||C1 ||izscream & Glöckchen ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure DiceOfFate.png
1x Dice of Fate
Figure DieBattle.png
2x Battle die ||Token Assassin stacked.png
1x Assasin for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||Les Assasins ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Archer ||C1 ||Afrodarko ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Archers stacked.png
1x Archer for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Archer ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Reinforcement ||C1 ||Fritz_Spinne ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Reinforcement for each player[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Die Verstärkung ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Black Fairy ||C1 ||irv ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Fairy black.png
1x Black Fairy |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Black Fairy ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Carcassonne overrun by Zombies! ||C1 ||justinkillam ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Zombie.png
14x Zombie
Figure Die.png
1x Die /1-6) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Carcassonne overrun by Zombies! ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Play as the dragon ||C1 ||Big Guy & Whaleyland ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||6x Princess[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Play as the dragon
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||Requires Princess & Dragon

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Doomsayers ||C1 ||Guy ||0 || ||4x Doomysayers ||Figure Die.png
3x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Collector ||C1 ||? ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Collector for each player[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Dan the Travelling Man ||C1 ||Michael Halbert ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Danisthirty.png
1x Dan |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Paladin's Duel ||C1 ||mPony ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure HorsesPaladin stacked.png
1x Horse per player
Figure Die stacked.png
1x die (1-6) for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Paladin's Duel ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Lady and her Lord ||C1 ||Gerry ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Messengers stacked C1.png
1x Lady for each player
Figure Robbers stacked C1.png
1x Lord per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Lady & her Lord ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Diocese ||C1 ||Lemmy77 ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||2x Church |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Boatman ||C1 ||Lemmy77 ||0 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Ships stacked.png
1x Boat per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Forestry ||C1 ||Gamemai ||0 || ||1x Double sized tiles ||1x Tree |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||n/a ||to be updated ||-

  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 There is no explicit figure shown in the rules.
  2. There is no explicit figure shown in the rules
  3. There is no explicit figure shown in the rules
  4. No image in the rules
  5. There is no explicit token shown in the rules.