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This will show the tiles from the selected sets and expansions listed by edition, tile type and edge configuration, you can filter by feature type as well.

You may also select some variations of some exiting sets, expansions or parts of them, that may show different tile distributions: standalone versions vs. Big Box versions, misprinted versions, and so on.

Tile descriptions

The distribution lists here are organized by edge configuration type, as well as by set/expansion. More precisely, square tiles are organized by the topology of their edges. For example :-

  • FFFF in the game distribution lists below denotes a tile on which all four edges are fields
  • RRRR is one on which all four sides are roads, and
  • CCCC is one on which all four sides are cities

The tile notation and headings are ordered alphabetically, according to the following hierarchy :-

  • Cities (C)
  • Fields (F)
  • Roads (R)
  • Rivers (S) - think of "streams"
  • City gates (G) - included in a PnP expansion (listed at the end as they are a special case)

Practically speaking, that means that a city is always placed at the top, and the rest of the tile described clockwise from that starting point. If there is more than one city, the first city - again seen clockwise - is placed at the top. If there is no city at all, then a field is placed at the top, and so on.

For example:-

This tile has an edge topology of "City, Field, Road, Field" and would be listed under CFRF

Triangular tiles are organized in a similar way, describing their long edge first, followed by the two short edges in clockwise order.

For example:-

This tile has an edge topology of "Road, City, Field" and would be listed under RCF

Double-sized tiles, tiles in other shapes and special tiles are listed too but no description is provided about their topology.

Tile captions

In the new edition, several tiles have a small illustration on them. The letters in brackets show which illustration is on each tile: [1]

Feature Garden C2.png
G | Garden
Feature Farmhouse C2.png
F | Farmhouse
Feature Cows C2.png
C | Cowshed
Feature WaterTower C2.png
W | Water Tower
Feature Highwayman C2.png
H | Highwaymen
Feature Pigsty C2.png
P | Pigsty
Feature Donkeys C2.png
D | Donkey Stable

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