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|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/1) ||Fishing Boats


Designed to be played with "Fishermen", this adds boats to the river which equate to two fisherment for resolving ties, and which can be moved to connecting river systems rather than being returned to the player's supply

||C1 ||CKorfmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Boats stacked.png
1x boat for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Fishermen / River ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/2) ||Promotions
(Der Austfieg)


Add a coloured disc to any follower or special figure in play (your own, or another players) to boost/weaken that follower's abilities, or help/hinder an opponent

||C1 ||Gwommy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Discs stacked.png
1x coloured disc for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/3) ||Court Jester (CARC_Zoner)
(Der Hoffnarr)


Uses the tiles from "The Catapult"; when a follower is placed on a feature "touching" the fair, they can earn Jester skills; then all players try out for who can fly the furthest

||C1 ||CARC_Zoner ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die white.png
2x Dice |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Tokens ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/4) ||The Day Labourers
(Die Tagelöhner)


Each player starts with one Day Laborer; if placed, a player has reduced options during their turn, until they can recruit another Day Laborer; each Day Laborer scores half points for the player closing a feature, and are returned to that player for later use; no English translation

||C1 ||Dieter Maute & Charlie-66 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||6x Day Labourers in a neutral color[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/5) ||The Pilgrims
(Die Pilger)


This takes the "hiking" rule from "Over Hill and Dale"; when placed on a road, the player's Pilgrim may walk its length when adding a new tile; no English translation

||C1 ||KlausiMausi ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Pilgrims stacked.png
1x pilgrim[1] for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/6) ||The Adventurer of Carcassonne
(Der Abenteurer von Carcassonne)


Contains two sets of adventure cards - city and forest; move your Adventurer around the board, having adventures at "waypoints" which may be road junctions, inns, cities, monasteries; adventures may lead to financial gain or loss, treasures, or encounters; no English translation

||C1 ||Dieter "Belushi" Rausch ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Figure[1] for each playerl
Figure Die white.png
1x Die ||40x Adventurer Cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||Carc-Welt || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/7) ||Sheep & Shepherds


Adds sheep and shepherds to the game (before the release of "Hills and Sheep")

||C1 ||LittleMisfit & Scott Myers ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Shepherds stacked.png
2x Shepherds for each player
Figure Sheep stacked.png
6x Sheep for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/8) ||Citadels


Place a citadel in a field, and if that field can be closed, there is an option for you to remove followers from cities or roads touching that field

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Citadels stacked.png
2x Citadels for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG ||Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/9) ||Castles


Place a castle in a field and gain points if you can connect a field, containing your farmer, to the castle field later in the game; you have the option of removing the farmer to your supply, or leaving him there for the rest of the game

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Huts stacked.png
2x Castles for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG ||Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/10) ||Thieves Guilds


The Thieves Guild is placed on a road you already occupy; when any city that is connected to the road is completed, you steal the points from the shields and any trade tokens; once used the Thieves Guild remains on the board

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure ThievesGuild stacked.png
2x Thieves guilds[1] for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG || Pennant ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/11) ||Inn & Stable Owners
(Gastwirte und Viehzüchter)


Allows the inns and stables on roads to be occupied and scored; play with "Inns & Cathedrals"

||C1 ||ShadowP68 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure MeeplesLarge C1.png
4x Owners for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/12) ||The House of Valois
(Das Geschlecht der Valoiser)


Adds two followers representing members of the French royal house of Valois who move from city to city boosting their worth

||C1 ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Meeple gold.png
2x Large Golden Meeple |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/13) ||The Kids are Growing Up
(Die Kinder werden erwachsen)


Adds small followers who may be deployed into already occupied features to gain an advantage in ties

||C1 ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure MeeplesLarge C1.png
2x Mini Meeple for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/14) ||Hog Roast
(Das Festmahl)


Introduces a hog, based on the legend of Dame Carcas

||C1 ||Novelty & Joff ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Pig white.png
1x White Pig |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/15) ||The Leper
(Der Aussätzige)


Adds a leper piece that cause players to lose points as it moves around the land

||C1 ||Novelty & Joff ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Leper.png
1x Leper |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/16) ||Black Tower
(Schwarzer und Weisser Turm)


Adds new types of tower pieces and diagonal capture; designed to be played with "The Tower"

||C1 ||Joff ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Tower black.png
12x Black Tower Levels
Figure Tower white.png
6x White Tower Levels |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Tower ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/17) ||The Noblemen
(Die Adligen)


Adds followers from New World/Mayflower as Noblemen, who are worth more than standard followers, but there are restrictions on how they may be used

||C1 ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Noblemen stacked.png
3x Noblemen for each player
Figure BigNobleman.png
2x Large White Noblemen |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/18) ||Monasteries
(Die Priorate)


To accommodate a growing demand, monasteries are being built to support the surrounding cloisters.

||C1 ||Meepleater ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Monasteries stacked.png
1x Monastery for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Monastic ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/19) ||The Butcher


Players attempt to remove a pig from a farm, sending the pig back to the player for redeployment

||C1 ||Joe Vancura ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Butcher[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/20) ||Dual Dragon
(Zwei Drachen)


Two dragons are brought into play; designed to be played with the "Princess and Dragon"

||C1 ||Joff ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Dragon white.png
1x White Dragon |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Dragon ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/21) ||Sinkholes
(Die Donnerlocher)


When a sinkhole is placed, all meeples and followers on the affected tiles fall down the hole and become trapped, where they will remain unless a rescue mission is successfully completed on a later turn.

||C1 ||Piklach & Rich_The_Fish ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die white.png
1x Die
Figure Disc nature.png
1x wooden disc as major sinkhole [1] as alternative to token
Figure Discs stacked.png
1x coloured disc for each player [1] as alternative to token ||1x Major Sinkhole[2]
Token Coloured stacked.png
1x Minor Sinkhole for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/22) ||The Citadel
(Die Zitadelle)


Proposal for dealing with a mega-city occupied by, say, two players in a 3-4 player game, where the other players might fall well behind just because they missed out, perhaps by adding something else they could achieve as it grows; author admits further balancing/work required

||C1 ||asparagus ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Citadel.png
1x Citadels
Figure Disc nature.png
10x wooden disc as alternative to token ||10x Token[3] |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/23) ||Small Bridges


Allows players to place wooden bridges across a river to connect the fields

||C1/C2 ||Oldbonz ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Bridge.png
12x Bridge |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/24) ||Hook, Line & Sinker
(Haken, Leine und Senkblei)


The most accomplished fishermen have learned to fish the river well, reeling in their catch for the surrounding cities

||C1 ||Canada Steve ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Fishermen stacked.png
1x Fisher for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Fishermen / River ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/25) ||Santa, Snowman & Grinch


This is a progressive expansion that starts simple and then you can introduce additional mechanisms as the game progresses; all four characters affect the game, and each other, in different ways

||C1/C2 ||Meepledrone ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Santa.png
1x Santa
Figure Frosty.png
1x Snowman
Figure Grinch.png
1x Grinch
Figure FirTree.png
1x Fir tree |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Advent2019 ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/26) ||The Plagues
(Die Plagen)


Ideas for 3 different types of plague - rats, locusts and frogs; only The Plague of Rats is described; when a follower is added to a city, a die is rolled to determine if rats arrive there too; a rat catcher may be deployed to stop the spread of rats, which devalue the city; draft rules only; no English translation

||C1 ||invinitas ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Pied Piper[1] for each player
Figure Die white.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF Part 1
CarcF Part 2 ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/27) ||Hidden Character
(Versteckte Charakter)


Each player has a special characteristic for one follower type; each player places one of their tokens on a feature when closing it; if the other player(s) can guess the characteristic, the player loses one follower from the game; most characteristics change end game scoring; no English translation

||C1 ||invinitas ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Discs stacked.png
25x Marker for each player ||8x Character cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/28) ||The Crusader
(Die Kreuzritter)


When a player has the minority in a shared city and scores no points, they may place one of the neutral Crusaders next to one of their followers in another city; this negates one opposing knight in that city; a Crusader may also sacrifice themselves to the dragon or tower; no English translation

||C1 || Marvin ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Crusader.png
5x Crusader |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/29) ||The Musician
(Der Spielmann)


A strolling player moves around the board and any follower encountered scores 2 points; no English translation

||C1 ||-enel- ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Count.png
1x Musician
Figure Die.png
1x Die (1-1-2-2-3-3) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/30) ||Les Assassins


Each player moves their assassin around the board trying to eliminate other players' followers; not available at present - CarcF Advent calendar

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||izscream & Glöckchen ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure DiceOfFate.png
1x Dice of Fate
Figure DieBattle.png
2x Battle die ||Token Assassin stacked.png
1x Assassin for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/31) ||The Archer
(Die Bogenschießer)


Archers may be placed on the top of a Tower; they may injure (1 hit) or kill (2 hits) other followers around the tower (based on tower height); "injured" followers do not count towards majority, but may be "cured" by using points for their recovery; requires "The Tower"; no English translation

||C1 ||Afrodarko ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Archers stacked.png
1x Archer for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||Tower ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/32) ||Reinforcement
(Die Verstärkung)


The Reinforcement may be placed alongside an already deployed follower to provide additional strength; German draft rules

||C1 ||Fritz_Spinne ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Reinforcement for each player[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/33) ||The Black Fairy
(Die schwarze Fee)


If the black fairy is placed next to a follower at the beginning of the player's turn, the player loses one point; no English translation

||C1 ||invinitas ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Fairy black.png
1x Black Fairy |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/34) ||Carcassonne overrun by Zombies!
(Von Zombies überrollt)


After the first trigger tile is placed, the first zombie appears on the board; after each player's turn, a zombie is moved, a new one rises, or there is no change; if a moved zombie encounters a regular follower, the latter becomes a zombie; the game ends as normal, or when there are no more followers remaining; several options to rid the land of the zombies

||C1 ||justinkillam ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Zombie.png
14x Zombie
Figure Die white.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/35) ||Play as the Dragon


One player takes on the role of The Dragon in this variant and scores points for eating followers and capturing princesses; requires "Princess and Dragon"

||C1 ||Big Guy & Whaleyland ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||6x Princess[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Dragon ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/36) ||The Doomsayers
(Die Untergangspropheten)


Once drawn each Doomsayer effect is active until the next Doomsayer tile is drawn; each changes the way in which certain aspects of the game are played while the tile is "active"; sample tile images in forum thread; rules no longer available for download

||C1 ||Guy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die white.png
3x Die ||Tile Doomsayers.png
4x Doomsayer tiles |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Advent2016 ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/37) ||Collector


No information available

||C1 ||Unknown ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Collector for each player[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| || ||Missing ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/38) ||Dan the Travelling Man


Dan travels around the board handing out merit to those he passes, and if he shares a tile when a feature on it is scored, he hands out even more

||C1 ||Michael Halbert ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Danisthirty.png
1x Dan |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/39) ||The Paladin's Duel
(Der Kampf der Gefolgsleute)


When a tile with a road corner is placed, extending a road with another player's thief, you can place your paladin; these figures may move along the road on a player's turn, and if both are on the same tile before the road closes, there is a duel; if not, the road is split based onthe relative locations

||C1 ||mPony ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure HorsesPaladin stacked.png
1x Horse per player
Figure Die stacked.png
1x die (1-6) for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/40) ||The Lady and her Lord


Players place the Lady and Lord followers on separate unconnected roads then attempt to establish a continuous road network between the Lady and Her Lord

||C1 ||Gerry ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Messengers stacked C1.png
1x Lady for each player
Figure Robbers stacked C1.png
1x Lord per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/41) ||Diocese


The wooden church is placed on a Cathedral when the city completes; thereafter, if a monastery is completed in the 3 rings around it, the monastery scores double points and the wooden church is moved there, and so on for the rings around that monastery; requires the two Cathedral tiles, from "Inns and Cathedrals"

||C1 ||Lemmy77 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Church neutral.png
2x Church[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| || ||Monastic / Missing ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/42) ||Boatman


Players may place their boat on a river tile, and it is scored when surrounded by 8 tiles; requires "The River" and/or other river expansions

||C1 ||Lemmy77 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Ships stacked.png
1x Boat per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| || ||River / Missing ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/43) ||Animal Farm
(Tiere auf der Wiese)


Inspired by the animals in Hunters & Gatherers, players draw and place animal tokens on their farms in an effort to boost their value; players attempt to sabotage the farms of their opponents with tokens such as the fox, the wolf and the mole.

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Carcking ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token AnimalFarm Chicken stacked.png
10x Chicken
Token AnimalFarm Sheep stacked.png
20x Sheep
Token AnimalFarm Cow stacked.png
10x Cow
Token AnimalFarm Fox.png
5x Fox
Token AnimalFarm Wolf.png
10x Wolf
Token AnimalFarm Trap.png
5x Traps
Token AnimalFarm Dog.png
3x Sheep Dog
Token AnimalFarm Clover.png
3x 4-leaf Clover
Token AnimalFarm Mole.png
3x Mole
Token AnimalFarm Feoffer.png
1x Feoffer (Landlord)[4] |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/44) ||Assassins
(Die Moerder)


If you can get both of your Assassins into the same city, or onto the same road, they can remove another follower on that feature for the rest of the game

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Assassin stacked.png
2x Assassins (in each colour)[5] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG ||City / Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/45) ||Bishop Galzeran


Bishop Galzerin moves from one incomplete city to another, blocking further development of that city until he moves on to the next one; if using "Mysterious Light", if both tiles are aligned, Galzerin is removed from the game, as he has "seen the light"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||CAE Manresa ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure BishopGalzeran.png
1x Bishop |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/46) ||Cocoa Traders
(Die Kakaohändler)


Superceded by "Salt and Cocoa Traders"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Meepleater ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token CocoaBeans.png
5x Cocoa |data-sort-value="1"| ||Old CarcF Forum ||Tokens / Missing ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/47) ||Falconers and Poachers
(Falkner und Wilderer)


Wild animal tokens are initially placed on the scoreboard but move to the tiles as the game develops; knights may become falconers, while thieves do a bit of poaching on the side; the aim is to collect as many tokens as possible

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Quevy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token FalconerPoacher Falcon.png
18x Falcon
Token FalconerPoacher Trap stacked.png
18x traps in 6 colours
Token FalconerPoacher Gamekeeper.png
4x Gamekeepers,
Token FalconerPoacher Hare.png
15x Hare
Token FalconerPoacher Pheasant.png
10x Pheasant
Token FalconerPoacher Quail.png
20x Quail
Token FalconerPoacher Deer.png
5x Deer |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Tokens ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/48) ||Hospital Against the Plague


Hospitals and field hospitals are used for protection against "The Plague"; requires "The Plague"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Dragonlord ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure HospAgainstPlague Hospital.png
1 Hospital per player
Figure HospAgainstPlague FieldHosp.png
1 Field Hospital per player
(Unused colour - white suggested) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/49) ||Pennants
(Die Wappen)


Adds cards to be drawn during gameplay when a tile with a pennant is placed; cards contain a mix of bonus points/actions or penances

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||CARC_Zoner ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Pennants Card.jpg
18x Pennant action cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || Pennant ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/50) ||Pilgrimage


Gives monks the ability to go on pilgrimages to other cloisters when a player runs out of meeples

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Gunpowdertea ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Pilgrimage stacked.png
12x Pilgrimage tokens (2 each colour) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Monastic ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/51) ||Sheepdogs, Cabbages and Black Sheep
(Schäferhunde, Kohlköpfe und schwarze Schafe )


Will the black sheep get the flock into trouble? Will the cabbages bring a profit? Is the shepherd dog able to defend his flock from the wolves? Requires "Hills & Sheep"; no English translation

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Quevy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token BlackSheep Stacked.png
2x Black Sheep
Token Shepherds Stacked.png
6x Sheepdog
Token Cabbage.png
1x Cabbage
Token Wolves.png
1x 2 Wolves
Token Rainbow GoldPot.png
6x Pot of Gold |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/52) ||Shepherds v2
(Die Schäfer v2)


Adds sheep and shepherds to the game (before the release of "Hills and Sheep")

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Shepherds stacked.png
1x Shepherds for each player
Figure Sheep stacked.png
30 Sheep (5 per colour) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
BGG ||Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/53) ||Stolen Goods
(Das Diebesgut)


In a small house at the crossroads hides a shady individual; he buys the goods stolen by petty thieves in the neighborhood and then sells them at a good profit

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Quevy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Fences stacked.png
1x Fence for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/54) ||Tax Collector
(Die Steuereintreiber)


Use your tax collector to reduce the score of an opponent's city

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Fishermen stacked.png
1x Tax Collector per player[6] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
BGG ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/55) ||The Fog
(Der Nebel)


After 17 tiles have been played, fog starts to spread across the playing area, hiding followers that may have been placed earlier; you can now place a follower into "unoccupied" features, and they are not included in feature scoring if they are still "hidden"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Meepledrone ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||18x Fog tokens[7] |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/56) ||The Giant
(Der Riese)


Dragons are spreading terror in the region of Carcassonne; the prayers of the people have finally been answered - the Giant is there to help; requires "Princess & Dragon"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Giants stacked.png
1x Giant per player[8] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Dragon ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/57) ||The Gift (K#19)
(Das Gift)


Players may place a gift, face-down, next to a follower; when features join with an increase in the number of followers, and any unopened gifts, the gifts are distributed, and then revealed; a "good" gift increases the strength of the follower by 1; a "bad" gift, and follower is removed

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Smiley.png
12 "Good" tokens
Token Death.png
12x "Bad" tokens
(""Images are examples"") |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/58) ||The Infiltrator
(Der Eindringling)


Each player takes one card (for the follower type of another player); when a player scores points (for anything), if an opponent has the hidden card of the same colour/follower, they can claim the score, or exchange the follower for one of their own

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Quevy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Infiltrator stacked.png
24x cards (4 follower types in 6 colours) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/59) ||The Jester and The Minstrel
(Der narr und der Minnesänger)


Re-purposes tiles from "The Catapult"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Scott & Joff ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Jester.png
1x Jester
Figure Minstrel.png
1x Minstrel |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/60) ||The Missionary
(Der Missionar)


The Missionary (when available) may be deployed by any player, using their coloured token to signify his allegiance when placed on a monastic feature, including a Cathedral; once the feature completes, the Missionary may be used to convert (swap) followers on the surrounding tiles

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||CKorfmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Missionary.png
1x Missionary
Figure Discs stacked.png
1x coloured disc per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Monastic ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/61) ||The Mists of Carcassonne
(Die Nebel von Carcassonne)


Requires Windroses Start tile for orientation; when a fog tile is drawn, it is used to cover an existing tile in play; when a wind tile is drawn, any fog in play is moved in the direction show, and by the roll of a die (1-3); when it rains, the fog markers are placed under their tiles (as with hills), or if none, the rain tile can be placed beneath another tile itself; such raised tiles can increase scoring of features; no English translation

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Fährmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die.png
1x Die (Flier) ||6x Fog Tiles
Token MistsOfCarcassonne Rain.png
3x Rain Tiles
Token MistsOfCarcassonne Wind.png
8x Wind Direction Tiles |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||Windrose ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/62) ||The Queen's Menagerie (the Zoo)


Animals have escaped from the Queen's private collection; if you capture and return them you may be rewarded!

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Ker42 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Any number of animals you have ||CharTile Queen.png
1x Queen
Token QueensMenagerie.png
20x Menagerie tokens (0-9) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/63) ||Trading Posts
(Die Handelposten)


Add your Trading Post to a city you already have a presence in; it scores at the end of the game for other cities connected by road; original rule, in Kevin's PDF from BGG, gave each player 2 Trading Posts

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure BeggarHuts stacked.png
6x Trading Posts (1 each colour) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
BGG ||City / Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/64) ||Urban Warrener (K#18)


Variant of "Queen's Menagerie"; rabbits are placed onto field sections, and are then brought to completed cities where they are scored; also score towards a closed road

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann & Ker42 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Bunny.png
36x rabbits (more if using expansions) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City / Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/65) ||Village Idiot
(Der Dorfdepp)


If the Village Idiot is placed on a feature that is later joined to that of another player, the scoring player loses the points instead of gaining them

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Village Idiot (use builder in a neutral colour) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG ||City / Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/66) ||Walls that cut corners
(Mauern trennen alles)


Players may build a wall instead of placing a follower; the wall is placed along one edge of the placed tile, and forms a boundary between the features either side of the wall; two wall pieces are required between city and road, but only one between city and field

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||asparagus ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||18x wall pieces (matchsticks?) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/67) ||Court Jester (Kevin Graham)


The Court Jester may only be placed in a city in which there are no other pieces; the goal is to connect that city with a city containing another of the player's followers; the reward is to reposition any tile (surrounded by four tiles) on their next turn

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Robbers stacked C1.png
1x Jester per player[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/68) ||Mating Meeples
(Die Paarung der Gefolgsleute)


Each player starts with 3 followers; if a player has exactly two of their own followers in a city when it closes, they get an additional follower; they do not get the extra follower if there are more than 2 henchmen in the city (their own or another player's)

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Some additional Followers in each player"s colours |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/69) ||Size does matter
(Groesse ist entscheidend)


A marker is placed on the scoretrack; if a player completes a city or road with exactly the number of pieces that corresponds to the position of the marker on the scoring board, they get a bonus of that number of points; after scoring, the marker is moved one space forward

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Disc nature.png
1x marker[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/70) ||Bonus Tiles


Inspired by the Bonus cards in "The Castle", when your follower lands exactly on the 0, 10, 20, 30 or 40 space on the scoreboard, you may draw one of the bonus cards; continue until all of the cards have been used; use the small markers as reminders

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||16x Small markers ||16x Bonus Cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/71) ||The Birds


A tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the movie by the Master of Suspense, this adds a rules for using the Bird tiles from Winter Edition; a scarecrow placed on the tile drives away followers on any of the surrounding tiles

||WE ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Robbers stacked C2.png
1x Scarecrow per player[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/72) ||The Wicker Man


Place The Wicker Man onto a field containing at least one barn; then all barns in that field are burned and removed from the field

||C1 ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Box for The Phantom in each player colour |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Barn / Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/73) ||Fox on the run
(Der Fuchs auf der Flucht)


Rules for the 10x animal tiles in the Winter Edition; move the fox around the landscape granting good luck to those it encounters; 40th Anniversary tribute to the song by the same name, by Sweet, and the album “Desolation Boulevard”

||WD/WE ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure FoxOnTheRun.png
1x Fox |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/74) ||Zombies & Soldiers


The Walking Dead have made their way to Carcassonne; but behold, the Soldiers are coming to the rescue

||C1 ||Ted Wikström ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Zombie.png
12x Zombies
Figure Soldier.png
12x Soldiers ||Token Death.png
12x Death Tokens
Token Smiley.png
12x Smiley Tokens (or Figures) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/75) ||Santa & Elf
(Der Weihnachtsmann und der Weihnachtself)


Santa and Elf figures may be deployed next to one of your followers when you close a feature that is scored by another player; when Santa and Elf are together, you gain a second turn until they are moved again

||WD/WE ||Wicke ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Santa.png
1x Santa
Figure Elf.png
1x Elf |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/76) ||Bishops & Dioceses


The peasants have the utmost respect for the Bishop, and are required to attend their nearest sanctuary for worship. Also, they must pay tithes to the churches, which the local Bishop oversees.

||C1 ||Jonathan Brown ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Abbots stacked.png
1x Abbot for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Fields / Monastic ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/77) ||The Counting House
(Das Kontorhaus)


The players compete to purchase shares of completed features in order to join in the scoring; the players collect and spend gold coins in various ways; the coins are worth a reward at game end; requires "The City of Carcassonne" and The Count, but the original rules are replaced by this variant

||C1 ||Carcking ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Coin.png
28x Gold Coins |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/78) ||Reeve & Quartermaster


Players establish granaries in the fields (on the tower bases), then transfer it to a city granary; when the city is complete the player with the tallest granary scores the points; re-uses tiles and tower pieces from "The Tower"

||C1 ||Gerry ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||2x additional followers per player (recommended); additional tower segments to allow 10x per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Road / Tower ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/79) ||Dignitaries


Five dignitaries are in play, granting bonus points when, for example, a city, road or monastery is completed when they are present on the feature, negative points for a farm at the end of the game, or protection like "The Fairy" while on a Shrine

||C1 ||Meepleater ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Dignitaries stacked.png
5x Large meeples in different colours, edged/marked in gold |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/80) ||Pick up & Deliver
(Abholen und liefern)


As tiles are placed, resource markers are placed on newly created roads, cities, fields and cloisters; if extending a feature another player may pick up a resource from that feature and assign it to one of their unused followers, the "delivery man"; points are scored by the delivery man for the different resources

||C1 ||Ariel Claure ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Cube orange.png
6x orange cubes
Figure Cube brown.png
9 brown cubes
Figure Cube white.png
12x white cubes
Figure Cube green.png
15x green cubes |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/81) ||The Shepherds and The Angel
(Die Hirten und der Engel)


Adds an Angel to the tokens which, when drawn, entitles the player to draw two additional tokens, if a wolf is drawn, the Angel drives away the wolf; requires "Hills and Sheep" WD; part of Seli's Christmas expansion set (W#4); no English translation

||WD ||Seli ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token ShepherdAngel Angel.png
3x Angel
Token ShepherdAngel Sheep1.png
2x 1sheep
Token ShepherdAngel Sheep2.png
1x 2sheep tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/82) ||The Arbitress
(Die Vermittlerin)


Uses the current location of the Fairy from "Princess and Dragon" as a means of resolving any ties for features

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Gwommy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Fairy.png
1x Arbitress |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/83) ||Doubles Carcassonne


After an influx of power from the Church, affluent families became curious as to just how much leverage the monasteries possessed; two alliances were forged to guage the development of the Church by guessing how many features would be successfully built around each cloister

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Aeoliner ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token DoublesCarcassonne stacked.png
Numbered tokens (1 per cloister)
paper and pencil |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Monastic ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/84) ||The Big City
(Die Grossstadt)


If a city contains at least 10 cards, the player may place a wooden city in it and receives an extra 5 points at the end of the game; and adjacent farmer also receives an extra 5 points

||C1 ||Lemmy77 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x city for each player[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| || ||City / Missing ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/85) ||Chapter
(Der Stift)


The player that places the last tile around a Monastery receives a wooden token, unless it wasn't occupied; each "unclaimed" monastery increases farmer scoring in the field in which it is located

||C1 ||Lemmy77 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Church neutral.png
16x wooden churches (in a single colour)[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| || ||Monastic / Tokens / Missing ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/86) ||Laborer and Mendicant (aka Servant and Mendicant)


Created in August 2005 after the release of King and Scout, it was translated as "Friar and Farmhand" in January 2006; the tiles are also part of "Cleric and Serf"

||C1 ||Christoph Berger ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CharTile Serf.png
1x Laborer
CharTile Cleric.png
1x Mendicant |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/87) ||Friar & Farmhand


Based on "Laborer and Mendicant" by Christoph Berger, in this update the rules were changed to make them consistent with "King & Robber Baron"

||C1 ||Scott & Christoph Berger ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CharTile Serf.png
1x Farmhand
CharTile Cleric.png
1x Friar |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/88) ||Sentinel
(Der Wachpösten)


Whoever builds the highest tower, and places a follower on top, takes The Sentinel character tile; requires "The Tower"

||C1 ||chrallan ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CharTile Sentinel.png
1x Sentinel |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Tower ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/89) ||The Heretic
(Der Ketzer)


Use to record who completes most Cult sites; second version includes additional cult site tiles; requires "Cult Site" tiles

||C1 ||bassdachs ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CharTile Heretic.png
1x Heretic
11x heretic tokens |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||Monastic ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/90) ||Prison of Carcassonne
(Das Gefängnis von Carcassonne)


The Sheriff is used to capture other player's thieves when occupied road segments are joined; the thief is placed in prison where he must spend 6 turns, unless another thief is captured - he is then immediately released

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Sheriff stacked.png
6x Sheriffs ||1x Prison Card |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
BGG ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/91) ||By Order of the King
(Im Auftrag des Königs)


Adds objective cards to the game; large download

||C1 ||JPutt927 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||96x playing cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF ||Quests ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/92) ||Stained Glass


Adds a stained glass window-building side game worth extra points at the end of the game; panels can be obtained when placing or finishing a cloister

||C1 ||Trebuchet ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||24x Stained glass cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/93) ||Praesidium


As soon as a player completes the first monastery, the presidium card is taken; if another player completes a monastery, the card is passed to them; while a player has this card, no followers may be captured by an opposing tower; requires "The Tower"

||C1 ||jeRm! ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Tile Praesidium.png
1x Praesidium Marker |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG ||Tower ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/94) ||Quests
(Die Aufgaben)


Two face-up task cards score if the task is completed; then a new task card is revealed; tasks are of the usual type - build a circular road without interruptions, build a city with 3 coats of arms in it, etc.

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||6x Quest cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG ||Quests ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/95) ||Designer Cities
(Städte gestalten)


Create cities with specific shapes to gain additional points

||C1 ||LittleMisfit ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Tile DesignerCity.png
9x City Design cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF
BGG ||City / Quests ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/96) ||Father Time
(Der Herr der Zeit)


Adds a time mechanic to the game which creates an escalated ending with a building sense of urgency

||C1 ||Carcking & Collaborativ ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||19x Father Time tiles |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/97) ||Troop Card


Players have a "Troop Card" onto which they assign their followers at the start of the game as knights, thieves or monks/farmers; each follower must continue in that role throughout the game

||C1 ||Dieter "Belushi" Rausch ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||6x Troop Barracks |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC
C-Welt || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/98) ||Advisors


Each player may get an "Advisor" card at the start (depends on number of players and expansions used) which are passed around whenever a player reaches 50 on the scoreboard; "Advisor" cards provide some alternative options for play, such as bonus points for features, or half strength for followers such as the Mayor or Builder

||C1 ||spacewolf009 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||8x Advisor card |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/99) ||The German Time Machines (Advent calendar 2016)


When one of these tiles is drawn it is placed next to the scoreboard and one tile already in play is placed on top of it; when the next is drawn, the player removes a tile from play, but then uses the previously selected tile on their turn; no download available

||C1 ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||5x Time Machine |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Advent2016 ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/100) ||Carcassonne Maps für 2 - Blanchiland


A new island map (not a real place) sized to use the tiles from Carcaassone für 2

||Cfür2 ||Meepledrone ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Map Sheet (60cm x 40cm) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC ||Map ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/101) ||King Peter III
(König Peter III)


When the King Peter tile is drawn (about half way through the game), the active player selects tiles equal to the number of players, distributes them, and a special round is played before the game continues as normal

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||CAE Manresa ||0 ||0 ||1x trigger tile |data-sort-value="1"| ||CharTile Manresa PeterIII.png
1x King Peter III |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/102) ||Queen Sibila
(Königin Sybille)


When drawn, each player may, in turn, place an additional follower onto unoccupied and incomplete landscapoe features

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||CAE Manresa ||0 ||0 ||1x trigger tile |data-sort-value="1"| ||CharTile Manresa QueenSibila.png
1x Queen Sibila |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/103) ||The Market
(Der Markt)


Adds a neutral follower, the day labourer, who can be hired by one of the players for the remainder of the game

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||CAE Manresa ||0 ||0 ||1x trigger tile ||1x neutral follower
(or 1x additional follower in each colour to be available if required) - not specified in original rules ||Tile ElMercat1.png
1x Market (original)
Tile ElMercat2.png
1x Market (translation) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/104) ||The Tactician
(Die Taktiker)


Use your Tactician token to place a follower onto an unclaimed feature on the tile that your opponent just placed; use once per game

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Gwommy ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Tactician stacked.png
6x Tiles (1 per player) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/105) ||Tatan


Two variations; the first allows you to take an already placed tile as your turn; in the second, you draw two cards and place them during your turn; at the end of the game, you can use the "Tatan" card to fill gaps in the landscape, scoring based on the number of followers on neighbouring features; no English translation

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Andreas J Haselbeck ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Tile Tatan.png
6x Tatan tiles |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/106) ||Two Builders


Each player has two builders instead of one

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Carca_Maker ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Builders stacked C1.png
1x extra Builder for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/107) ||The Jousting Tournament


Introduces an (optional) Jousting Tournament when more than one player occupies a feature when it closes

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Michael Halbert ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Die red.png
1x die per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/108) ||Balloons (K#21)


A placed farmer may take to the skies in a balloon and moves across the landscape landing on an unoccupied tile, and may be placed on any feature on that tile, even if already occupied on another tile; may require some form of wind direction indicator?

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Decar ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Cylinder clear.png
1x 15mm diam cylinder per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/109) ||Land Surveyors 2.0


Some additional cards for use with "Land Surveyors"

||C2 ||Steven De Potter ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||6x Additional Cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/110) ||The Large Abbot (K#1)


Combines the Abbot's "early removal" function with that of the Big Follower; applies when occupying cities and roads, not just monastic sites

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Abbots stacked.png
1x Abbot or unused Figure per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showMusing showOther" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(F/111) ||The Blessing of Children


Players may place children, schools and tents (all neutral) onto the tiles surrounding a newly placed tile; the presence of children adds to the score of any features on that tile

||ALL ||Challa007 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure LargeBuilding orange.png
8x orange schools
(1x per player)
Figure Tent orange.png
8x orange tents
(1x per player)
Figure Meeple orange3.png
3x orange mini meeples per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/112) ||City Gates and Walls (K#7)


The City Gate may be placed on a city tile edge next to a road, while the City Wall can be placed next to a field; city must contain a shield

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure CityGate.png
1x City Gate per player
Figure CityWall.png
1x City Wall per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||City / Pennant ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/113) ||Guesthouses (K#8)


Place a Guesthouse onto any road, to score it like a road with an Inn/Lake

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure LargeBuilding neutral.png
1x Guesthouse per player in neutral colour |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/114) ||Mason's Lodge (K#9)


Place the Mason's Lodge into a city with at least two open sides, and it acts as a builder for any player with a follower already in the city when they extend the city later; see "Guesthouses", "Treasure Hunt", "Freemasons" and "Shared Builder"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure LargeBuilding neutral.png
1x Lodge per player in neutral colour |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/115) ||Pennant Keepers (K#6)


Pennants in cities are not scored as normal, but the player that closes the city gets 1 token/coin for each; at the end of the game, the number of tokens/coins are scored

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Coin.png
Coins or tokens equal to number of pennants on tiles |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||City / Pennant ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/116) ||Citadels (K#12)


A slight change to the way in which a closed two-tile city is converted to a "Castle", and how it scores

||C1/C2/WD ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Cube white.png
1x white cube per player ||Token Castle C1.png
… or 1x Castle per player |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/117) ||Stacked Decks (K#13)


Alternative idea for using Tower floors, but no tiles and no capturing of meeples

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Tower.png
5x Tower Pieces per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||Tower ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/118) ||Archabbot (K#14)


Uses Abbot as standard meeple, but can be removed early (as "The Festival")

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Abbots stacked.png
1x Abbot per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/119) ||Roadsigns (C1 Adaptation) (K#24)


Rules and tokens that can be used with standard tiles to replicate the C2 mini expansion "The Signposts"

||C1 ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure RoadSigns stacked.png
20x Road Signs (5x each of left, right, straight, stop) |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/120) ||Alien Abduction - A Crop Circles Variant (K#23)


When a Crop Circle is placed, each player may move a follower from the board (based on the Crop Circle type) to an Alien Abduction zone, or return one from it to a feature of the shown type; requires Crop Circles

||C1/C2/WD ||Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Alien Abduction Zone |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum
BGG ||CropCircle ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/121) ||Catapult Extra Token


New token, "Invasion" for "The Catapult"; when drawn, an incomplete and unoccupied feature is chosen, and whoever gets closest can occupy it

||C1 ||JPutt927 ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Invasion.png
1x Invasion token |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/122) ||Mini Inner City Walls


Build a wall to divide a city into two - see also "City Gates and Walls"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||GinCarc ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||3x walls per player (or use matchsticks) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||City ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/123) ||Metapowers


Use extra powers to gain or hide information

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Carca_Maker ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||12x cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/124) ||Slopes & Cliffs (Carcassonne turns 3D)


Add blocks to raise landscape tiles up to create a 3d landscape

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Meepledrone ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Landscape raiser cubes (15mm)
Blue waterfall cubes 15mm)
Brown cliff cubes (15mm)
Black tunnel entrance cubes (10mm) |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/125) ||Carcassonne Duels


Introduces Carcassonne:Star Wars duels to standard Carcassonne

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||MarkosBoss ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="0"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/126) ||Halloween on Carcassonne


Ideas about which expansions to play with at Halloween (inc. Count of Carcassonne, Mage & Witch, Phantom), and some additional meeples

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||DrMeeple ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Count
1x Mage
1x Witch
1x Phantom per player
1x Pumpkin |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/127) ||Events of Carcassonne
(Ereisnisse von Carcassonne)


Each time a feature is scored, the next event card is displayed; each may affect the way the game is played/scored while active; no English translation

||C1 ||Bockspiele ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||32x Event cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||Bockspiele ||Fluxx ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/128) ||Pennants of Carcassonne
(Wappen von Carcassonne)


Players receive 3x pennant tokens each, equivalent to 1, 2, and 3 pennants, which they can add to a city tile when placing a follower; may also be used on roads; no English translation

||C1 ||Bockspiele ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||3x Special Pennants per player (1, 2, 3) |data-sort-value="1"| ||Bockspiele ||City / Pennant ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/129) ||Bridges, Castles and Bazaars (Castle Tokens)
(Burgen, Brücken und Basare (Burgenplättchen))


WD version of castle tokens from HiG's published expansion; no tiles, but tokens included with "Hills and Sheep" tiles

||WD ||Telecaster ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Castle WD Tel.png
10x Castles |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||City / Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/130) ||Little Houses
(Die Häuser)


WD version of tokens from published expansion; image in forum thread only

||WD ||Zotto ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token LittleHouses WD.png
18x Houses and Towers |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/131) ||The Messages
(Die Depeschen)


WD version of tiles from HiG's published expansion

||WD ||Zotto ||0 ||0 ||8x Messages |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/132) ||Scoring Tiles (50-300)
(Die Zählkarten (50-300))


Winter-style Scoring Tiles for values 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300

||WD ||Unknown ||0 ||0 ||6x Score |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||see CarcF Fan Expansion Catalogue 5.4.42 ||Score / Missing ||

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/133) ||King and Robber
(König und Raubritter)


WD version of tiles from HiG's published expansion

||WD ||Zotto ||5 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CharTile King WD.png
1x King
CharTile Robber WD.png
1x Robber Baron ||Symbol CountKingRobber C1C2.png ||CarcF ||City / Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/134) ||No Time For A Tie (Empate Duro)


Approach for resolving situations where there is a tie for majority on a feature; standard meeples individually marked 1-7 or A-G

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Carca_Maker ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure NoTimeToTie.png
Standard meeples individually marked 1-7 ||Token NoTimeToTie.png
6x Position Markers for each player
12+8 Power Conversion Tables |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/135) ||Black Dragon


A black dragon is added to the board after the first player scores 50 points, and is moved by the active player when features are completed.

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Bumsakalaka ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure BlackDragon.png
1x black dragon |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Dragon ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/136) ||Beggars and Tormentor
(Bettler & Peiniger)


Beggar's Huts are placed on roads and score half points when road is scored; may also be placed on junctions, scoring for all roads; The Tormentor is used to block a player from extending a feature, with others benefitting if feature is closed, although there are ways to "escape" the torment - both actions triggered by certain values on scoreboard; no English translation

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Verena Rechberger & Claudia Spitaler ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Huts stacked.png
6x Huts
Figure Tormentor.png
1 Tormentor |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF ||Road ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/137) ||Obelisk


Obelisks may be placed on Tower foundations; score for features on surrounding tiles, but also reduce value of those features; bonus if you can place several of your obelisks next to one another; farmer scoring bonus at end; requires the tiles from "The Tower"

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Stepukiss ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Obelisk stacked.png
6x Obelisk per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||Fields / Tower ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/138) ||Obelisk


Obelisks are placed when four tiles share a field corner (as "Barns") in the turn when the fourth tile is placed; Obelisks are scored when a second ring of tiles is completed

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||šmoula ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Obelisk stacked.png
1x Obelisk per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcCZ ||Barn / Fields ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/139) ||Defense of the Cities
(Die Verteidigung der Städte)


Players may place a follower on the special city gate, counting towards city majority with strength 2; if a player extends the city when they have majority, they may place their tower there, which boosts the strength of one of their followers to 3

||C1 ||Zotto ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Citadels stacked.png
1x Tower per player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcF || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted showOther" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/140) ||New World Variant


Instead of the normal start file, place 10 tiles at one side of the table as a start strip, then build away from those tiles, moving the "surveyors" forward and removing any followers "left behind", as in New World

||C1 ||Aldaron ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure BigNobleman.png
2x Surveyors (from New World, or unused piece such as Shepherd)[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showMusing" |style="background-color:Lavender"|(F/141) ||Carcassonne Fluxx


Each player draws a number of different rule change cards, which should cover expansions included in the game; 3 or 4 cards are laid out at the start and players may use one of their rule change cards instead of playing a turn to replace one of the "current" rules; includes some ideas for rule cards but doesn't seem to have developed beyond this

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||drmfreek ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Rule change cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||BGG ||Fluxx ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/142) ||New King's Orders


Updated and modified version of "By The Order Of The King" by jputt927; introduces 3 levels of difficulty to the quests, each player starting with one of each, then random replacements; some minor rule changes; for base game and river only; available in several languages

||C1/C2 ||Snearone ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||54 cards |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum ||C1=>C2 ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showLost" |style="background-color:MistyRose"|(F/143) ||Friendly Cities
(Befreundate Staedte)


Players place their houses into cities in which they already have a follower; at the end of the game, they score points for completed cities connected by road

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Zotto ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Huts stacked.png
3x Houses for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| || ||City / Road / Missing ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showUnderDevelopment showOther" |style="background-color:AntiqueWhite"|(F/144) ||Spies


One of your meeples is used as a spy by one of your opponents, but you don't know which; if you score a feature, your opponent may reveal the spy and claim the points instead of you; you can find out the spy by joining occupied features, when you can check one of the unused cards for who is not a spy

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Ker42 & Kothmann ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Numbered Meeples (1-7) ||Numbered Cards (1-7) |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum || ||-

|- class="showNewFiguresOrTokensAndRules showCompleted" |style="background-color:Honeydew"|(F/145) ||The Constable
(Der Konstabler)


A player's constable removes any other followers from an occupied road; the Constable scores for the road as normal, and gains points at the end of the game for connected cities and monasteries; original in Italian, mentioned on CarcC by kissybooboo, and German translation by KlausiMausi

||C1/C2/WD/WE ||Unknown & Kissybooboo & KlausiMausi ||0 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Constable[1] for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||CarcC Forum
CarcF ||Road ||-

  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 There is no explicit figure shown in the rules.
  2. No image in the rules
  3. There is no explicit token shown in the rules.
  4. Suggests using green-painted wooden tokens
  5. Colour head of meeples black
  6. Any different figure will do
  7. 12mm white discs or cotton wool balls suggested
  8. Suggested using pieces from Children of Carcassonne, but any larger meeple would do