Amazon Bonus River Tiles

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General info and comments

The Amazon Bonus River tiles for Amazonas were published in 2017 in a mini sheet with The Markets of Leipzig

This expansion has been developed for the Amazonas basic game. All of the rules remain the same.


  • 2 new Amazon double-tiles



Add the Amazon Bonus River tiles to the Amazon double-tiles of the basic game. If you draw a »!« tile, you have even more options with two additional tiles to choose from.


Placing an Amazon tile

When you draw a Amazon Bonus River tile, you place it according to the normal rules.

Place a meeple or a camp, or move your boat

When you place a Amazon Bonus River tile, you may place a meeple or camp on it, or move your boat, according to the normal rules.

Scoring the Amazon

You score according to the normal rules.

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 2
Amazonas-tile29.png ×1
Amazonas-tile30.png ×1