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Carcassonne has become a classic and is available in many languages.

Publishers of Carcassonne Games
Language Current Publisher(s)[1] Former Publishers
Arabic SuperHeated Neurons
Brazilian Portuguese Grow Jogos e Brinquedos
Bulgarian Fantasmagoria
Catalan Devir Games
Chinese Swan Panasia
Croatian Ponva
Czech Mindok Albi
Danish Asmodee Nordics Midgaard Games
Dutch 999 Games
English Z-Man Games Rio Grande Games
Ventura Games
Estonian Brain Games
French Asmodee France Filosofia Éditions

Schmidt Spiele

German Hans im Glück
Greek Kaissa Games
Hungarian Piatnik
Hebrew Monkey Time
Icelandic Nordic Games Ísöld
Italian Giochi Uniti Venice Connection
Japanese Möbius Games
Korean Koreaboardgames Paper Iyagi
Latvian Brain Games
Lithuanian Brain Games
Norwegian Asmodee Nordics Midgaard Games
Polish Mindok
Nasza Księgarnia (The Castle)
Portuguese Devir Games
Romanian Lineart
Russian Hobbyworld (tiles with K)
Brain Games (tiles with C)

Astrel (tiles with C)

Serbian Ponva
Slovak Mindok Albi
Slovenian Ponva
Spanish Devir Games
Swedish Asmodee Nordics Midgaard Games
Thai Lanlalen Swan Panasia
Turkish NeoTroy Games
Ukrainian Feelindigo (tiles with C) Hobbyworld (tiles with K)
Vietnamese Swan Panasia
Other publishers
Games Quarterly Magazine
Játékos Emberek Magazinja (JEM)
Spiel DOCH!
  1. There can be multiple publishers for one language where each publisher operates in different country. Like Russian version by HobbyWorld is for Russia and version by Brain Games is for Russian minority living in Baltic states.