Welcome to my little corner of the wiki!

My name is Scott and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I've been in the Carcassonne community since October 2007. A friend of mine introduced me to the game, and the next day I went to my friendly local game store to buy my own copy. I was immediately paralyzed by the number of expansions and spin-offs that were already available at that time. The owner of the store could see on my face that I was struggling. "Trying to decide which one to buy?" he asked. "I think I need to buy all of them," was my reply, though on that day I managed to limit myself only to the base game and expansions. I slowly purchased each of the spin-offs over the next several years, and new expansions as they came out.

At some point I joined the administration team for Carcassonne Central and am one of the few people who have actually met Gantry in-person and know his real name! Gantry was becoming busier with real life, and I took the lead on running things. After a few years, I also came to a point in my life where I needed to step away from some things to focus on others, and danisthirty stepped in to fill my shoes. After a few more years, when I heard that Dan, Decar, and Meepledrone had formally taken over ownership of the site, I returned to wish them well, met some of the new people who had joined during my absence, and decided to stick around as the circumstances in my life had changed.

The second edition (C2) artwork had just come out before I began my leave of absence. I wasn't enthusiastic about it at the time and didn't collect much of it. After my return, I came to terms with the new artwork and resumed collecting at a rapid pace! At this point I have collected every C1 and C2 item that I think is realistically achievable for me, and I'm working on my C3 collection. In addition to collecting the official merchandise, I've also been known to accessorize and upgrade them. I've also been known to think outside the box and find new things to collect, such as souvenir coins, or design unique items like a Carcassonne Rubix cube. Although my collection will never be as impressive as Willem's Carcassonne Museum, I've done my best to display what I have in my game room. Fortunately my wife is very understanding!

On Wikicarpedia, my focus is on creating new pages in English so that the bilingual members of our team can focus on translation tasks. I'm quite proud of the fact that during the year 2022, our team was able to publish the English rules for ALL releases that year before any of the items were available for purchase in English-speaking countries. But if I had to pick a favourite page, it would of course have to be Accessories and Gadgets.