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{{UX}} contains settings for pages. See also Template:UX - how about to include Checklist to UX and set some stuff to extension after processing the final output?

ux=1 parameter for Checklist templates includes:

  • SEO and Sharing settings
    • seotitle=<translate>{{TextCarcassonne}} - {{TranslatedPageName}}</translate> - translatable title for Search engines, Facebook share, Discord etc.
    • seokeywords=<translate>Keyword1, Keyword2, ...</translate> - translatable list of main keywords for this page, like name of expansion, subname of expanion, short name of expansion, features in expansion, figures, pieces, interesting game mechanics etc.
    • image=<translate>{{filepath:<translate>Example_or_figure_image.png</translate>|nowiki}} - transparent PNG file featuring content (base game, expansion, designer, etc)
    • description={{#lst:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|description}} - description defined in hidden translatable section description
  • WiCa settings
    • sortingtitle=<translate>Full name of expansion</translate> - sorting name for show page in category, usually removed The, La, etc. from the beginning, like The Phantom has only Phantom to show this page in section P instead of section T (due to The on the beginning).
  • Common settings
    • locale=en (optional) - in case, that page will not be translated, language if this page. For translatable pages, this parameter is created automatically and not need to set it.

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