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|- |style="text-align:left;"|The White Dragon ||C1 ||Ricy ||18 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Dragon white.png
1x White Dragon
5x White Markers |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Der weiße Drache ||to be updated ||German expansion, no translation available yet

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Handicraft ||C1 ||Zotto ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Handicraft.png
12x Handicraft |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Handwerk.png ||Das Handwerk ||to be updated ||German expansion, no translation available yet

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Family Planning ||C1 ||Fritz_Spinne ||12 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure FemaleFollower stacked.png
1x female follower for each player
Figure Meeples stacked C1.png
1x child for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Familienplanung ||to be updated ||German expansion, no translation available yet

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Birthday in the Land of Cockaigne ||C1 ||Carcassonne-Forum ||10 ||0 ||1x KJW (2x3) |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Cockaigne Stacked.png
9x Cockaigne |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol LandCockaigne.png ||Birthday in the Land of Cockaigne
Geburtstag im Schlaraffenland ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Forests of Carcassonne ||C1 ||Cosalo & Tanja Pöschl ||57 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Disc nature.png
2x Tree thaler[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol DieWälder.png ||Die Wälder von Carcassonne
5 additinal Tiles
Carcassonne-Welt Download ||to be updated ||German expansion, no translation available yet

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Tunnel Extra V0.6 ||C1 ||Quevy ||4 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Tunnel Stacked.png
2x 3 Tunnel for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||Tunnel Extra V0.6 ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Tunnel Extra V1.0 ||C1 ||Quevy ||7 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Tunnel Stacked.png
2x 3 Tunnel for each player
Token Tunnel new Stacked.png
2x 4 Tunnel for each player (alternate colours) |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Tunnel.png ||Tunnel Extra V1.0 ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Ice Queen ||C1 ||S. & D. Maute ||2 ||0 |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure IceQueen.png
1x Icequeen
Figure Oxe.png
1x Ox |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol IceQueen.png ||Die Eiskönigin ||to be updated ||extends Princess & Dragon German expansion, no translation available yet

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Horses & The Dungeons ||C1 ||Mentor09 ||12 || ||4x Event 1x Dungeon Tableau 1x Horse Market Tableau |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token HorsesDungeons.png
30x Horse |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol HorsesDungeons.png ||Die Pferde und der Kerker ||to be updated ||contains 2 additional cards for "By order of the king"

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Bailiff and Rider ||C1 ||invinitas & KlausiMausi ||1 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||1x Bailiff[1]
1x Rider[1]
Figure Die.png
1x Die[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Landvogt & Landreiter ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Training Area ||C1 ||Lars120 ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Disc nature.png
6x Wooden Disc ||Token TrainingArea stacked.png
18x Numbers (6x1, 6x2, 6x3) |data-sort-value="1"| ||Der Übungsplatz ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Saint Nicolas ||C1 ||Seli ||9 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token StNicolas.png
9x St. Nicolas present |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol DerNikolaus.png ||Der St. Nikolaus ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Inner Wall ||C1 ||Bojo ||24 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token InnerWall.png
6x Protection & Trutz |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol InnereWall.png ||Der innere Wall ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Fishers & Sailors ||C1 ||Bojo ||180 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure MeeplesLarge C1.png
3x Fishers (Mini-Meeple) for each player
Figure Fisher&Sailors Fish stacked.png
1x Fish for each player
Figure Fisher&Sailor Marine.png
1x Marine
Figure Fisher&Sailor Pirat.png
1x Pirate ||Token FisherSailor Joker stacked.png
8x Joker for each player
Token FisherSailor Fish.png
12x Fish
Token FisherSailor Navigator.png
1x Navigator
Token FisherSailor Robbered.png
4x Robbered |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol FisherSailor.png ||Fischer & Seefahrer ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Architects ||C1 ||Gwommy ||36 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Architect stacked.png
1x Architect for each player ||Token Bee.png
1x Bee |data-sort-value="0"| ||The Architect
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Fences ||C1 ||Gwommy & Elmendalerenda ||15 || ||Tile Fences Bridge.png
1x Bridge (halfsize) for each player ||Figure Fence.png
12x Wooden Fences |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Fences.png ||Fences
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Horse ||C1 ||Gwommy ||7 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||2x Horse[1] |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Horse.png ||The Horse
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Pope of Avignon ||C1 ||Wicke ||2 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Count white.png
1x White Pope |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Pope of Avignon
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Invaders ||C1 ||Whaleyland ||12 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Invader.png
1x Invader |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Invaders.png ||The Invaders
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Reconquest of Gaul ||C1 ||Whaleyland ||4 || ||1x Starting tiles (5x4) ||Figure Crusader Gaul.png
2x Crusaders |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Gaul.png ||The Reconquest of Gaul
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Roads to Victory ||C1 ||JPutt927 ||30 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Posthouse stacked.png
1x Post house for each player
Figure Pickpocket stacked.png
1x Pickpocket for each player ||Token Diamond Roads2Victory.png
20x Jewels |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Roads2Victory.png ||Roads to Victory
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Marshes ||C1 ||Trebuchet ||104 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Boglord.png
1x Bog Lord
Figure Die.png
1x Die |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Marshes
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ||C1 ||Novelty ||12 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Wizard.png
1x Wizard |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Barbarian Horde ||C1 ||JPutt927 ||6 || ||1x Fortress (4x4) 1x Besieged Carcassonne (4x3) 8x Barbarian Direction 15x Barbarian Defense (8x pit, 2x catapult, 2x archery tower, 2x swordsmen, 1x archer) 12x Barbarian Reward 4x Reference ||Figure Barbarian.png
13x Barbarian
Figure Discs stacked.png
3x coloured disc for each player[2] as alternative to token ||Token Coloured stacked.png
3 coloured discs for each player[3] |data-sort-value="1"| ||Barbarian Horde
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||requires the tiles of the Count of Carcassonne

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Dragon Hunters ||C1 ||Novelty ||12 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Pig black.png
6x Wild Boar
Figure Sheep2.png
6x White Sheep
Figure Cow.png
6x Brown Cow |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol DragonHunters.png ||Dragon Hunters
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Inquisitor ||C1 ||Aenima ||15 || ||1x Holy inquisition (3x3) 6x Retract ||Figure Count red.png
1x Inquisitor ||Token Inquisitor.png
1x Investigation |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Inquisitor
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Pied Piper ||C1 ||Quevy ||16 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure PiedPiper.png
1x Pied Piper
Figure MeeplesLarge C1.png
2x Mini Follower for each player ||Token Rat.png
64x Rat |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol PiedPiper.png ||Pied Piper
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Boy Who Cried Wolf ||C1 ||Quevy ||8 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Grass.png
16x Grass |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol BoyCriedWolf.png ||The Boy Who Cried Wolf
CarcF Download ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Big Black Pig Escape ||C1/C2 ||Aenima ||16 || ||2x Starting Tiles ||Figure Pig black.png
1x Big Black Pig |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Big Black Pig Escape
CarcF Rules ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Wanderer and Mayor's Office ||C1 ||Leven ||8 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Monasteries stacked.png
1x Mayor's Office for each player
Figure Wanderer stacked.png
1x Wanderer for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol MayorsOffice.png ||Wanderer and Mayor's Office ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Pig Race to Riches ||C1 ||CarcKing & JPutt927 ||1 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Pigs stacked C1.png
1x Pig for each player ||Token Race2Rich stacked.png
36x Race to Riches (12x Road, 12x Cloister, 12x City) |data-sort-value="1"| ||Pig Race to Riches ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Gambling (Aenima) ||C1 ||Aenima ||2 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure DiceGame.png
9x Dice of Carcassonne - Dice Game |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Gambling.png ||The Gambling ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Buried Treasure ||C1 ||frankdux ||8 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token BuriedTreasure Treasure.png
9x Treasure
Token BuriedTreasure Dirt.png
11x Dirt |data-sort-value="1"| ||Buried Treasure ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Bifröst & Rainbows ||C1 ||Quevy ||12 || ||1x Wheater condition start (2x2) 1x Wheater condition ||Figure Leprechaun.png
1x Leprechaun
Figure Bifröst.png
6x Bifröst ||Token BifröstRainbow GoldPod.png
32x Gold pot |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol Bifröst.png ||Bifröst & Rainbows ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|A winter without snow ||C1 ||Quevy ||6 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Gingerbreadman.png
1x Gingerbread man |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol GingerbreadMan WE.png ||A winter without snow ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Carcassonne Central Competitions Tiles update 08.11.2015 aka Yellow Abbey ||C1 ||Quevy ||5 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token Competition Wine.png
1x Wine |data-sort-value="2"|Symbol YellowAbbey.png ||The Yellow Abbey ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|The Legend of Lady Carcas ||C1 ||Dragonlord ||20 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure LadyCarcas.png
1x Lady Carcas
Figure StrawKnights stacked.png
5x Straw Knight for each player
Figure Pigs stacked C1.png
1x Pig for each player |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||The Legend of Lady Carcas ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Sailing the Seas C1 ||C1 ||Squiffything ||60 || |data-sort-value="1"| ||Figure Dragon.png
1x Dragon
Figure Die.png
1x Die (1-6)
Figure SailingTheSea Ship stacked.png
3x Ship for each player as alternative for token ||Token SailingTheSea Treasure.png
24x Treasure Chest
Token SailingTheSea Ship stacked.png
3x Ship for each player |data-sort-value="1"| ||Sailing the Seas
Sailing the Seas Rules
Hi-Res Tiles ||to be updated ||Die Küste The Coast

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Sailing The Seas: Trade Routes C1 ||C1 ||Wolnic ||40 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token SailingTheSea Trade C1.png
40x Trade |data-sort-value="1"| ||Sailing The Seas: Trade Routes C1
Hi-Res Tiles ||to be updated ||-

|- |style="text-align:left;"|Sailing The Seas: Trade Routes C2 ||C2 ||Wolnic ||40 || |data-sort-value="1"| |data-sort-value="1"| ||Token SailingTheSea Trade C1.png
40x Trade |data-sort-value="1"| ||Sailing The Seas: Trade Routes C2
Hi-Res Tiles ||to be updated ||-

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 There is no explicit figure shown in the rules.
  2. There is no explicit figure shown in the rules
  3. If you don't wanna use the tokens