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Due to the multi expansions nature of Carcassonne, many questions have been raised since the original release. For some of those questions answers have been provided by the publisher in a, more or less, official matter. You can find those incorporated in WikiCarpedia.

There are still some questions and blank spots, for which answers are difficult to get from official sources - often those concerning interaction between different expansions. In such cases WikiCarpedia authors are doing extensive research within the Carcassonne community to find solutions. It is up to readers if they decide to use them. Nevertheless, it points out the blank spots that should be addressed and agreed among players before the game. By using interim rules player may be confident that those are:

  • consistent with general Carcassonne standards
  • play tested
  • balanced

Example box with interim rule:

Interim rule - note on interim rules

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Please note: Above box is never used if there is official answer for some question nor those are modification to official rules. This should not be confused with House Rules.