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Hi I'm Sinscerly and I love playing board games.

I love to play games with friends and Carcassonne is one of the many we play. I really love Carcassonne South Seas. Furthermore I play a lot of Ticket to Ride, Celestia, Skipbo and far more...

I've been working on Wikicarpedia on some different things, I've been here from the start when MajFrost told us his dream about this project. I loved his concept and so it be, I've been setting over the S-CAR[1]. When we were halfway we found out there was a handy tool to create multi-language content for everything we wrote so far. From now on we found a new challenge to fill it up with awesome translations. As I'm Dutch, I started with the translation to Dutch. This is a time-consuming process, but I love it. I love it all and I will continue to maintain and update the WICA.

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