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General info and comments

The Abbot symbol

The Abbot was originally released by Asmodee France, Fantasmagoria and Lineart in 2022 as part of the third Winter Edition, called WE3 for short.

It introduces the abbot meeple and garden features.

A winter garden

Along with Winter Edition The River Winter Edition The River, Winter Edition The Abbot Winter Edition The Abbot is considered part of the basic game that can be used as desired. It implements the same mechanic which was added to the Base Game, beginning with the second edition.


  • 5 abbots, one in each player color.
Figure Abbots Base.png



Each player adds the abbot of their color to their supply. With the exception of the new rules used with this mini-expansion, all basic Carcassonne Winter Edition rules remain unchanged.


1. Placing a Tile

When placing a tile with a garden, you must place it so that its edges match the edges of tiles already in play.

2. Placing a Meeple

When placing a tile with a monastery or garden, you may place your abbot onto the monastery or onto the garden. You may, of course, place a regular meeple onto the monastery, or other features, such as roads, etc. You may not place a regular meeple onto the garden.

3. Scoring with the Abbot

When the monastery or garden occupied by your abbot is surrounded by eight tiles, you score 9 points (just like a regular monastery scoring).

On your turn, if you do not place a meeple during the 2. Placing a meeple phase, [1] [2] you may instead return your already-placed abbot to your supply. If you do so, you score immediately as many points as the garden or monastery your abbot occupied is worth at that time, [3] exactly like how monasteries are scored during the final scoring.

You place this tile, but choose to not place a meeple. Instead, you return your abbot to your supply, which you placed on a previous turn. You score 6 points (1 for the garden, and 5 for the tiles surrounding it).
Final Scoring

During final scoring, incomplete monasteries or gardens occupied by abbots are scored the same way as those occupied by monks.

Tile distribution

The following tile distribution includes all the tiles featuring a garden that can be found in the Base Game and the expansions released until now (12/2022) for the Winter Edition (WE3 only).

Base Game WE3Base Game WE3

Total tiles: 8
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile E Garden.png ×1
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile H Garden.png ×1
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile I Garden.png ×1
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile M Garden.png ×1
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile N Garden.png ×1
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile R Garden.png ×1
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile U Garden.png ×1
Abbot-Winter Edition C3 Tile V Garden.png ×1

River WE3River WE3

Total tiles: 1
Abbot-Winter Edition River I C3 Tile J Garden.png ×1


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community You do not place a meeple because you have decided not to, or you don't have any left in your supply.
  2. Interpretation from the Community The wording of the ZMG rules speak about "the player deciding to not place a meeple." This can be misleading. It may be interpreted as if the player needs at least one meeple in their supply in order to decide not to place it. This is not the intent in the original rules by HiG.
  3. Official clarification from the publisher You can only score the abbot placed on a monastery or a garden before the feature is completely surrounded by tiles. In this case, you always score the abbot (on the feature), never the feature itself. (11/2020)