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The Falcon Expansion (SOKÓŁ) for Zamek was released in 2022 and is published by Nasza Ksiegarnia.

In the basic version of ZAMEK two families fight for power, trying to take control of roads, meadows, houses and pigsties. The Falcon expansion introduces a new building, the chapel, and new followers, the prince and the falconer. Thanks to them players have new possibilities of gaining points.


  • 4 gates (additional wall pieces to be inserted between 27/28, 47/48, 69/70, 91/92) - note that each contains a red X.
ZamekFalcon 4gates.jpg
  • 18 additional castle tiles (with chapels and falcon nests)
A: Falcon Nests
B. Chapels
  • 12 falcon nest tokens
ZamekFalcon NestToken.jpg
  • 4 special followers: 2 princes and 2 falconers

This Expansion is only playable with the game Zamek. All its rules apply.

Preparing the game

Game preparation is the same as in the basic version of the game with the following changes:

(A) Place the 4 gates between the corresponding sections of the wall (as marked on the gates) between spaces 27 and 28, 47 and 48, 69 and 70, and 91 and 92.

(C) Place the 18 new tiles face down on the table and mix them together with the tiles from the basic game.

(D) Take 1 Prince and 1 Falconer of each color of your choice and place them in front of you, next to the family house and 6 followers from the base game.

(F) Place the falcon nests in a convenient location outside the castle walls.

Note: The rules for Sokol follow the rules for Zamek. Step (B) and (E) are missing from the rules. Step B is the placing of the special tokens on the defense towers. Since that step is not changed in Sokol, it is excluded. Step E is also missing in Sokol because it does not change. Step F is added.

Playing the game

During gameplay, the rules from the base game apply. The new pieces from this expansion introduce the following changes.

Adding A Tile

When adding chapels, the same rules apply as for houses, pigsties and meadows.

Placing a Follower Into The Castle

ZamekFalcon Preacher.jpg

On the tile just added a player may (but is not required to) place one follower from his supply. In addition to the functions described in the basic game manual (squire, farmer, herald, monk) followers have a new function, Preacher, when sent to a chapel.

The Prince and The Falconer

During the game, players also have new followers at their disposal: the Prince and the Falconer. They can be used interchangeably with followers from the basic version of the game and are placed on the added tile.

Note! The Prince and the Falconer cannot be placed on an area of the tile for which the player would immediately score points.

ZamekFalcon Falconers.jpg FALCONER: Provides one additional falcon nest to its owner during scoring. The player takes it from the pool of falcon nests lying on the side of the table.
ZamekFalcon Princes.jpg PRINCE: doubles the number of points its owner earns for the scoring area.
Zamek WallTile 02.jpgZamek WallTile 03.jpg Note! The points for a completed area can only be doubled once. Therefore, the special tokens shown cannot be used if the prince doubles the points for a completed house or pigsty.

Scoring Points

Gates on the Scoring Track

ZamekFalcon Gate.jpg

When moving the followers on the scoring track you skip gates. Followers cannot stop there, which is indicated by a red X.

Rules variant: “STOP! Who Goes There?”

During the game, the rules from the basic game apply with the following exception.

When a follower moving on the scoring track reaches the gate, it is stopped by the castle guard. It has to stop on the gate space and the remaining points are lost! Of course, this rule does not apply when counting the points at the end of the game.

Completing a Chapel

The player who has more preachers in the completed chapel scores points based on the number of tiles the chapel consists of:

Number of Tiles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Points 1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36

After tallying the points for the completed chapel the followers standing on the tiles are returned to their respective players.

Falcon Nests

The player scoring points for a completed area (house, pigsty, road, or chapel) checks to see if there are falcon nests in that area. If so, the player takes the appropriate number of nests from the pool lying on the side of the table.

Note! What matters at the end of the game is which player has more falcon nests, not the exact number of them. Therefore, if the game runs out of Falcon nests, both players must return the same fixed number of nests to the pot. This way it will still be known which player has more, and it will still be possible to take nests from the pot.

Example: In his move, the white player adds a tile to the castle (marked with a red frame) and places a follower on the completed road. He can put a normal follower on the road, but not a prince or a falconer, because the player scores points for the road immediately. Then players check if the added tile made the road, house, pigsty or chapel complete:

ZamekFalcon Ex01.jpg

  • Chapel A consists of 5 tiles, so the white player gets 15 points. There are 2 falcon nests adjacent to it, so the white player takes 2 falcon nests from the supply. The white player has a falconer in the chapel, so he takes 1 more falcon nest from the pool. The falconer preacher returns to the white player.
  • Road B consists of 4 tiles. The black player has a prince on it, so he scores 8 points (for an ordinary follower, he would score 4 points). There is 1 falcon nest adjacent to the road, so the black player takes 1 falcon nest from the supply. The prince returns to the black player.
  • Road C consists of 3 tiles. The white player has placed an ordinary follower on the road and therefore scores 3 points. There is 1 falcon nest adjacent to the road, so the white player takes 1 falcon nest from the pool. The Herald returns to the white player.

Equal Number of Followers

If players have the same number of followers in a scoring area, neither player receives points or falcon nests (even if the followers there include princes and/or falconers).

End of game

The game ends when all the tiles in the stacks have been used. In addition to the points earned according to the rules of the basic game, players receive points for falcon nests collected during the game:

  • The player who has accumulated more falcon nests scores as many points as the largest empty area (the same as for the family house).
  • In the event of a tie no player scores. Unfinished chapels do not score points.


Illustration: Roman Kucharski

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 18
Sokol-tile1.png ×1
Sokol-tile2.png ×1
Sokol-tile3.png ×1
Sokol-tile4.png ×1
Sokol-tile5.png ×1
Sokol-tile6.png ×1
Sokol-tile7.png ×1
Sokol-tile8.png ×1
Sokol-tile9.png ×1
Sokol-tile10.png ×1
Sokol-tile11.png ×1
Sokol-tile12.png ×1
Sokol-tile13.png ×1
Sokol-tile14.png ×1
Sokol-tile15.png ×1
Sokol-tile16.png ×1
Sokol-tile17.png ×1
Sokol-tile18.png ×1


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