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General info and comments

Carcassonne Map-Chips was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2019.

It is a mini-expansion with different rules for each Carcassonne Map. In the case of Carcassonne Maps - Great Britain, players can place a meeple on the Isle of Man to get another turn. Players have to find a suitable ship as well as gathering enough resources, and the weather is also important, to get their meeples back.


  • 30 Map–Chips (10 each in purple, light blue and orange).
Carcassonne Map-Chips
Map-Chip back side

It is recommended to play with 90–100 tiles, for example with the basic game and 20-30 tiles from the first and second expansions, that is, Exp. 1 - Inns and Cathedrals and Exp. 2 - Traders and Builders.



Use all 3 available starting-squares (Kilkenny, Carlisle and Bristol).

Start-squares for Carcassonne Maps - Great Britain

On the map there are 3x10 squares marked with a colored chip-symbol. Sort all 30 chips according to their colors. Then shuffle the groups of 10 face down. Then you place them face down on the respective square on the map. The 10 blue ones are in the North (Scotland) the 10 orange ones in the West (Ireland) and the 10 purple ones in the South (England and Wales). Place the chips on the squares and make sure that you can see the colored marks on the squares so that you always know which color the chips have.

Example: You place the chips so that you can still know their color but you can‘t see the number.


1. Placing a tile

Collecting chips

If you place a tile on a square with a chip you take the chip, flip it over and score 1 or 2 points immediately. Then you place the chip face up in front of you.

Example 1: You place a tile on a square with a chip and you take it. Now you get 2 points for it.
Extra turn

Getting a double turn

After having finished your "normal" turn you have the possibility to "buy" one additional turn. You place one meeple from your supply on the Isle of Man and you immediately carry out your second turn. You take another land tile, place it, etc. You may only do one additional turn per round. The meeples placed on the Isle of Man can't be used until they are taken back.

Example 2: You place one of your meeples on the Isle of Man and you immediately carry out another turn.

Getting back from the Isle of Man

To get your Meeples back from the Isle of Man to your supply you need money, a boat and good weather. That means that you always need a set of exactly three chips which you can use.

These three chips either have to show...

1) the same number (it doesn't matter which color they have in this case)

Example 3: A set of chips with the same number (matching case 1).

2) all the three colors (in this case, the numbers aren't important) [1]

Example 4: A set of chips with all three colors (matching case 2).

Important! If you get a chip that completes a set of 3, you have to use it immediately and take the chips out of the game. You take all your meeples back from the Isle of Man at the same time. It is not allowed to keep a set for later on.

End of game

The remaining chips don't give any points at the end of the game.

2. Placing a meeple

After having placed a tile, you are allowed to place a meeple according to the general rules.

3. Scoring a feature

The scoring is done as usual.

Tile distribution

Total tokens: 30
Map-Chips C2 Chip Purple 1.png ×6
Map-Chips C2 Chip Purple 2.png ×4
Map-Chips C2 Chip Light Blue 1.png ×6
Map-Chips C2 Chip Light Blue 2.png ×4
Map-Chips C2 Chip Orange 1.png ×6
Map-Chips C2 Chip Orange 2.png ×4


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community The original text in the English rules was mistaken, indicating the three chips had to be in the same color. This mistake was corrected later.