Tournaments and World Championships

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World Championships

International Carcassonne tournaments were held in Germany in 20032005.

The first official Carcassonne world championship was held at SPIEL in Essen, Germany, in 2006, and every year after that. The fifth was held on 24 October 2010 during SPIEL but in an alternate location in Herne, Germany. Ralph Querfurth has been the World Champion in four editions.

Year World Champion 2nd 3rd Participants
2006 GER Ralph Querfurth AUT Michael Wischounig CZE David Korejtko 16
2007 GER Sebastian Trunz TWN Chen Wei-Chi FIN Janne Jaula 20
2008 GER Ralph Querfurth CZE Martin Mojžiš GER Sebastian Trunz 20
2009 GER Ralph Querfurth AUS Daniel Geromboux SVK Matej Tabak 20
2010 GER Ralph Querfurth CZE Martin Mojžiš SVK Matej Tabak 22
2011 NLD Els Bulten JPN Shinnosuke Komukai GER Robert Mützner 24
2012 CZE Martin Mojžiš AUT Stefan Leopoldseder SVK Matej Tabak 26
2013 GRC Pantelis Litsardopoulos CZE Martin Mojžiš LVA Aleksejs Peguševs 36
2014 JPN Takafumi Mochizuki GRC Pantelis Litsardopoulos SVK Matej Tabak 34
2015 GRC Pantelis Litsardopoulos JPN Takafumi Mochizuki NED Els Bulten 32
2016 RUS Vladimir Kovalev GRC Pantelis Litsardopoulos BEL Vannes Vansina 36
2017 POL Tomasz Preuss GRC Pantelis Litsardopoulos ITA Davide Sandrin 38
2018 JPN Genro Fujimoto ROM Marian Curcan GER Kolja Stratmann 34
2019 ROM Marian Curcan TWN Ying Chien Chien EST Timofei Gretsenko 36
2020 Canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2021 POL Maciej Polak BRA Melvin Gavinho Quaresma POL Tomasz Preuss 42
2022 ROM Arpad Gere TWN Min-Wen Chen CZE Martin Mojžiš 36

Local Championships