La Ruée vers l’Or (extensions de fans)

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This page is a translated version of the page Gold Rush Fan Expansions and the translation is 63% complete.
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There are several fan-maintained websites that contain fan expansions for Carcassonne and its variants and spin-offs games, including Gold Rush. The two most active are CarcassonneCentral (English speaking) and CarcassonneForum (German). There are smaller (national) sites which may also contain locally developed expansions - for example, there is a Czech site, and there has previously been one in the Netherlands, while BoardGameGeek may also contain fan expansion ideas.

Carcassonne Central


The Great Winter is a re-working of the Gold Rush base game, with the prairie and hills covered with snow. Most of the above expansions have been converted, plus a few new ones specific to this version.

En cours de développement

  • Barns
  • Winter Church
  • Geronimo
  • Indian Revolts - 16 tiles - based on the dragon
  • Saloons for Winter
  • Small Buildings for Winter
  • Trappers for Winter
  • Western Coast
  • Western River


Échantillon de tuile de l’extension de fan Cattle Breeding


  • Ranches - 6 tiles
  • Yukon (Der Yukon) - river - 12 tiles
  • Klondyke (Der Klondike) - river - 12 tiles
  • Water Pipes (Wasserleitungen) - 12 tiles
  • Cattle Breeding (Rinderzucht) - 15 tiles
  • Defenders of the Gold (Verteidigung der Goldminen) - 6 tiles
  • Extra Tiles (Ergänzungskarten Goldrausch) - 24 tiles
Échantillon de tuile de l’extension de fan Extra Tiles

En cours de développement

  • Gold Prospectors - river - 7 tiles (?)
  • Buffalo - no tiles
  • Dynamite - 6 tiles
  • General Store - 6 tiles
  • Railroad Points (Weichen) - 6 tiles
  • Indians - no tiles


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