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The Prince is growing and has taken up falconry, resulting in a large number of falcon nests in the castle. Religion has also come to the castle, and there is now the possibility of building chapels in the castle.

General info and comments

The Falcon Expansion for Carcassonne - The Castle was originally planned as a commercially available expansion by RGG for release in 2009 (according to Reiner Knizia, the expansion's designer), but due to licensing changes it never reached production. It subsequently became available as a Print 'n' Play expansion and is available from the author's website (


  • 4 gates (additional wall pieces to be inserted between 27/28, 47/48, 69/70, 91/92)
CastleFalcon 4gates.jpg
  • 18 additional castle tiles (with chapel parts and falcon aeries)
A: Falcon Aeries
B: Chapel parts
  • 12 falcon aerie tokens
CastleFalcon NestToken.jpg
  • 4 special followers:
2 kings
CastleFalcon Kings.png
2 falconers
CastleFalcon Falconers.png

This Expansion is only playable with the game Carcassonne – The Castle. All its rules apply.

Expansion Rules


CastleFalcon Castlegate.png
During preparation, insert the gates in the wall between the numbers indicated on the gates. During play, the gates do not count as scoring spaces; they are jumped over and not counted. 2 of the gate sections have additional start tile locations.


CastleFalcon ChapelTile.png
Some of the additional castle tiles show chapels. When a chapel is complete, the player with the most followers (preachers) on the chapel scores the following number of points, depending on the number of castle tiles that are on the chapel:
Castle Tiles12345678+ 

 Official clarification from the publisher Question: Does an incomplete chapel score at the end of the game?

Answer: Generally, since no features in the Castle score if incomplete at the end of the game (unless you have certain wall tiles), an incomplete chapel will score 0 points.

Falcon aeries

CastleFalcon Aeries.png
During preparation, the falcon aerie tokens are placed in reach. When a feature is scored that is linked to one or more aeries, the scoring player takes the respective number of aerie tokens.

At the end of the game, the player who has more aerie tokens scores points equal to the largest number of empty connected spaces (like the largest keep). In the case of a tie, there is no score.

If the aerie tokens run out during the game, both players should return equal numbers of them. It is only the difference of aerie tokens between the players that counts at the game end.

King and Falconer

CastleFalcon SpecialFollowers.png
During preparation, each player also receives the two special followers in his colour. These may be placed instead of a normal follower. However, this is not allowed if the feature is scored immediately on the same turn. When the feature is scored, the king doubles the player’s own points score, and the falconer gives the player one additional aerie token. If both players have the same number of followers on a completed feature, neither scores any points or aerie tokens, even if kings or falconers are involved.
1. The white player scores the chapel. As there are five tiles on the chapel, the player scores 15 points. As the chapel is linked to the two aeries, the player takes a total of 3 aerie tokens, 2 for the chapel and 1 for the falconer.
2. On the next turn, the black player completes the path. As the king doubles the points, the player scores 8 points. As the path is linked to one aerie, the player also takes 1 aerie token.

Wall Tiles

The wall tiles numbered 1-3 described in the Carcassonne – The Castle rules are applied during the game, the wall tiles numbered 4-9 are applied at the game end.

When scoring a feature, it may only be doubled once. Hence, only one doubling wall tile numbered 2 and 3 may be applied, and these may not be applied when scoring with the king.

CastleFalcon WallTiles1to3.jpg
Wall tiles 1 – 3
CastleFalcon WallTiles4to9.jpg
Wall tiles 4 – 9

Rules Variant

When a scoring marker reaches a gate during play (but not during the game end scoring), it must stop there and the remaining score is lost for the feature that is being scored.


Illustration: Christof Tisch

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 18
CastleFalcon Tile01.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile02.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile03.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile04.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile05.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile06.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile07.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile08.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile09.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile10.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile11.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile12.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile13.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile14.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile15.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile16.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile17.jpg ×1
CastleFalcon Tile18.jpg ×1