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General info

Half-Abbeys fan-expansion for Carcassonne Base Game Carcassonne Base Game was released by Carcassonne Central and Carcassonne CZ forum members Mati (CarcCZ) (CarcC) and Snearone (CarcC), previous edition was released by Carcassonne Central member quevy and it's revision by Carcasshonne CZ forum member Chmura (CarcCZ, CarcC).


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  • 6 new “half-sized” triangular land tiles showing Abbey
Half-sized tile with a Abbey

Required expansions

The Half-Abbeys is designed to play with the Halflings Halflings, but it can also be played without it with any change of rules.



Depending on the number of players, give each player the corresponding number of Half-Abbeys.

Number of players Half-Abbey
2-3 players ×2
4+ players ×1

Players place these in their supply (with their meeples). Return any unused Half-Abbey tiles to the box.


Tile Half-Abbey C2.png
1. Placing a tile

Instead of drawing and placing a regular land tile you can choose to place a Half-Abbey instead.

...The half-sized tiles are placed according to the rules of the Carcassonne base game, meaning that at least one side of your tile has to continue the landscape of one or more existing tiles. The long side of the triangular tile may never be placed next to a regular land tile continuing its landscape. You may however place a half-sized tile with its long side adjacent to that of another half-sized tile if it continues the landscape.

Placing a tile phase rules, or remove rules parameter to show default. Add title parameter when different as default title 1. Placing a tile.

2. Placing a meeple

The abbey behaves like a monastery. You may choose to place a meeple as a monk onto your abbey.

3. Scoring a feature

Finishing features with placement of Half-Abbey: The abbey completes the side of each tile directly adjacent to it. Once you have placed your abbey (and chosen whether or not to place a monk there), score any features completed by its placement.

{{{image}}} not defined Any fnished fearue with abbey

Completed Abbey: The abbey on half-sized tile is completed when it is surrounded by tiles. During scoring, the abbey is worth 1 point per regular tile space that completes it (including the abbey itself). It is not needed to have placed 2nd half-sized tile on same regular tile space next to the Half-Abbey tile.

Example X: You scores 9 points for finished abbey.
Final Scoring

At the end of the game, an incomplete abbey will score 1 point for the occupied tile space with the Half-Abbey tile and 1 point for each occupied adjacent tile space.

Other Expansions

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General rules

Official clarification from the publisher By default all rules for interactions with other expansions are the same as Abbey with adherence with the rules of Halflings Halflings.

Tile Distribution


Total tiles: XY
Tile Half-Abbey C2.png ×6


Total tiles: XY
Tile Half-Abbey C1.png ×6


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