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General info and comments

The City Bridges fan-expansion has been released by Matisek, a member of the Carcassonne CZ forum.

Description of City Bridges... *TODO*

The rules files and 3D models are available here:

  • on Carcassonne CZ Forum (please register to access):


Figure City Bridge.png



Each player adds two city bridges to their supply.

Number of players City Bridges
2 – 6 players Figure City Bridge.png


1. Placing a tile

Just like in the base game, you must place tiles so that its edges match the edges of the tiles already in play. After placing a tile, you may place one city bridge, which counts as a city and connects cities over features or meeples on that tile.

You can place a city bridge on the tile you just placed, or on a tile touching the tile you just placed. When placing a city bridge, you have two options for each end:

  1. you must place end with city foundation in a field or in a road,
  2. or you must place end with removed foundation into a unfinished city.

A city bridge must be placed facing either left-to-right or up-to-down (it cannot be placed diagonally across the tile). Once placed, a city bridge remains on that tile until the end of the game.

Example 1: Placing a city bridge both ends on a field on the tile just placed.
Example 2: Placing a city bridge left end without foundation into a city and right end with foundation with a city gate on a road on the tile just placed. Road is connected to city and finished on this end by a City Gate.
Example 3: Placing a city bridge both ends without foundation into cities.
Example 4: Placing a city bridge left end with foundation into a city and right end without foundation on a field on tile touching the tile just placed.

You can place a tile so that a city ends against a field or a road, but you must place a city bridge that continues the city on that same turn. You can use multiple bridges in a row along the same city, but each tile can have a maximum of only one city bridge on it. City bridges can be placed on tiles with meeples on them.

2. Placing a meeple

You may place a meeple according to the usual rules.

If you build a city bridge on the tile you just placed, you can place your meeple (or another figure) on the city bridge as if it were a city.

Example 5: All options to place a meeple to tile just placed with a city bridge.
Example 6: You can place meeple only on tile just placed, even if you place a city bridge tile touching the tile just placed.
3. Scoring a feature

City bridges are scored like tiles with a city on them.

A city bridge do not separate features on a tile placed below it.

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