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Táto stránka je
v procese prekladu


Výber rozšírení


Priebeh hry

Vytvoril Meepledrone, na základe podkladov poskytnutých SkullOne a obervet.


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Poznámky pod čiarou

Vysvetlenie ikoniek nájdete na tejto stránke.

  1. Výklad pravidiel komunitou This action it is placed before the opportunity to place a followermeeple in the City of Carcassonne because the placement of the tile could earn the player gingerbread points, and thus prevent placement of a followermeeple in the City of Carcassonne. Of course, since the Gingerbread Man would have to be creatively added to a game of standard-version Carcassonne anyway, this is unlikely to come up very often.