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General info and comments

Spielbox Issue 5 2012

Little Buildings (The Houses) was originally released in Spielbox in 2012

This mini-expansion has been developed primarily for the Carcassonne Base Game Base Game .


  • 18 building tokens: 6 towers, 6 houses, and 6 sheds
Token with a tower
Token with a house
Token with a shed



Distribute the 18 new buildings evenly among all players. In the four- or five-player game, put the excess buildings back into the box.

Deploying a follower

All three types of buildings are equivalent.

The active player executes their normal actions during this turn. If the player is not able, or willing, to deploy a follower on the landscape tile, they can instead place one of the new little buildings on that tile. [1] Put this building on the just-placed tile in such a way that no information is covered, if possible.

The building is not associated with either a structure or a field on the tile, instead it affects the entire landscape tile.

A building remains on the placed tile until the end of the game, and gives points for several structures and farms.


Scoring a feature

If a road, city, cloister, or farm is scored, [2] each of the new buildings located on a landscape tile of the structure or the farm scores 1 additional point. These points are added during the scoring after all the others. [3] When cloisters are scored, all buildings on adjacent tiles (within the cloister area) are included in the count.

Example: RED adds one tile (shown here with a red frame) and places a shed on it. With this action, the player completes the city on the upper right and a road. RED scores 7 points for the road (5 tiles and 2 buildings). RED scores 10 points for the city (3 city segments and 1 pennant for 2 points each plus 2 buildings). At this point, BLACK'S farm contains 3 buildings, and BLUE'S cloister has 2 buildings.

Final scoring

The points for the buildings are awarded at the final scoring as well.


The building types have different values:

• Towers    →    +3 points
• Houses    →    +2 points
• Sheds    →    +1 point

While distributing the tiles, make sure that each player gets the same number of each building type.

Tile distribution

Total Tokens: 18 Little Buildings

Token LB House1 C1.png x1
Token LB House2 C1.png x1
Token LB House3 C1.png x1
Token LB House4 C1.png x3
Token LB Tower1 C1.png x1
Token LB Tower2 C1.png x2
Token LB Tower3 C1.png x1
Token LB Tower4 C1.png x1
Token LB Tower5 C1.png x1
Token LB Shed1 C1.png x2
Token LB Shed2 C1.png x2
Token LB Shed3 C1.png x1
Token LB Shed4 C1.png x1

Each token presents some graphical variations.


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community Thus, instead of placing a follower, a player can place a little building. If the player places a little building, they cannot move the fairy. If the player moves the fairy, they cannot place a little building.
  2. Question without official clarification The interpretation of these rules leads to consider the applicability of little buildings to other features that can be completed and scored. Therefore, during the game and after the game, the bonus would benefit the following features:
    • Roads
    • Cities
    • All monastic buildings:
      • Cloisters
      • Abbeys
      • Shrines
      • Special monasteries with a monk or an abbot: German monasteries, Dutch & Belgian monasteries and Japanese buildings
      • Darmstadt churches
    • German castles
    • German cathedrals
    • Baba Yaga's hut
    • Gardens
    Additionally, little buildings would also affect fields in several scenarios:
    • Field scoring when a barn is placed
    • Field scoring when connecting to a field with a barn
    • Field scoring at the end of the game
    • Barn scoring at the end of the game
    Finally, note that:
    • All features scored as a result of a Message would also benefit from this scoring bonus.
    An official clarification would be necessary.
  3. Official clarification from the publisher The points from the little buildings are still considered part of the score for the primary feature, just added after other modifications (such as inn/cathedral and mage/witch). Points from the little buildings are not a separate scoring event for the purposes of robbers, messages, and the teacher. (10/2014)