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General info and comments

With this fan article you can keep track of the points you have already collected.

Scoring Flags was released in a generic version by The Game Crafter in 2019, followed by colour-matching versions from Hans im Glück in 2021.

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  • 6 laser-cut scoring flags
  • 1 scoring meeple



There is a white foil on the flags from Hans im Glück. Carefully peel this off to reveal the painted wood underneath.[1]


1. Placing a tile

Whenever you draw a tile, place it normally.

2. Placing a meeple

You may place a meeple according to the usual rules.

3. Scoring a feature

The scoring board is a circuit that your scoring meeple can run through several times. If your counting meeple reaches or exceeds the 0 field, take the +50 flag and carefully push it onto your counting meeple from the front. This way, everyone can see that you already have at least 50 points. When you go around again, replace the +50 flag with the +100 flag, and so on. So you always add the points on the flag to the points on the field where your counting meeple is. In principle, the flags should fit on any normal Carcassonne meeple. To be on the safe side, however, we have included an additional counting meeple to hold the flag securely in place. Continue to play Carcassonne as usual with 7 meeples.[2]


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  1. Interpretation from the Community Before peeling the foil, it's also recommended to wipe down the edges of each flag with a damp cloth to remove the soot from the laser-cutting process, to avoid getting it on your hands, game table, etc. The burning smell will dissipate over time.
  2. Interpretation from the Community Since the largest flag provided is 300, if you reach 350 or more you could possibly add a second flag onto the meeple, since the meeple is thick enough to hold two flags.