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Friday discovers his island. He rewards all players with special weekly bonuses.

General Info and Comments


Originally released by Hans im Glück in 2013, Friday adds a neutral figure and a bonus system.

This expansion can be played only in combination with Carcassonne: South Seas, either in its entirety or only partially integrated. All the rules of the Carcassonne: South Seas base game remain unchanged.


  • 1 wooden Friday figure
  • 6 landscape tiles with bonus symbols (and Island back design)
Island tile back



The 6 expansion tiles are shuffled and placed in a face-down stack (separate from the base game landscape tiles).

The base game landscape tiles are divided into 10 stacks of 7 cards. The stacks are placed in a row, and the remaining 2 cards are the last (11th) stack.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
South Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile rest of.png



On each player’s turn, the landscape tiles must always be drawn starting from the first stack, so that the stacks are depleted sequentially. When a stack has been depleted, this signifies that a week has passed.

Friday now makes his appearance and discovers his island. He will reward all players with special weekly bonuses.

After a stack has been depleted, the following player first draws an expansion tile before he performs his normal turn. He places this tile on the table in a separate area from the base game tiles, and places the Friday figure on it. The expansion tiles, therefore, begin to create the small island of ”Friday” as he discovers it. Players should roughly build the map of this island as shown below.

After the player has uncovered a part of Friday’s island, he draws a normal landscape tile from the first stack and takes his normal turn. The placement of the remaining expansion tiles continues after each stack of 7 is depleted, and the Friday figure is moved to each new tile as it is placed, until Friday has discovered his entire island (all 6 expansion tiles).

Friday's island

After all 6 parts of Friday’s island have been discovered, the player who depletes the next stack of 7 landscape tiles must move the Friday figure to a different part of the island of his choice. During the “week” that Friday resides on an expansion tile (until the next stack of 7 landscape tiles is depleted), all players can use the bonus depicted on that tile.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
South Seas Tile nothing.pngSouth Seas Tile nothing.pngSouth Seas Tile nothing.pngSouth Seas Tile nothing.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile.pngSouth Seas Tile rest of.png
Example: [1] The last card from stack 4 has been placed by a player. The next player draws and places one of the expansion tiles and moves the Friday figure to it. During this “week” (until stack 5 is depleted), each player receives one additional shell when scoring a completed bridge (as per the base game rules).

Special “weekly” bonuses of Friday’s island:

+1 Shell, +1 banana, +1 fish Whenever a player scores a feature and receives one or more of the Wares, he receives one additional Ware of that type.
1 less Ware for deliveries Whenever a player delivers Wares to a Ship, he may deliver one less than is required (the type of Ware not delivered is decided by the player).
Trade Wares Before placing a landscape tile on his turn, each player may trade Wares with other players. He announces to his teammates which Wares he would like to give and receive. The trade is voluntary; the other players may decide freely whether to accept the trade or not. Only Wares may be exchanged. The active player may trade with several players during his bonus turn. Trades may only be conducted with the active player; a trade between other players is prohibited.
Place AND retrieve an Islander During a player's turn, the player may place an Islander on the just placed tile and then they even may retrieve an Islander from the playing area and place it back in their supply. These actions must be executed in this order.

Tile Reference

Total tiles: 6
South Seas Friday Tile A.png ×1
South Seas Friday Tile B.png ×1
South Seas Friday Tile C.png ×1
South Seas Friday Tile D.png ×1
South Seas Friday Tile E.png ×1
South Seas Friday Tile F.png ×1


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Notorious rule difference among editions or publishers In the PDF rules from HiG, this image has the wrong tile depicted in the bottom right. The island should be built so that it is closed when finished.