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General Info and Comments

Originally released by Hans im Glück in 2016, Carcassonne: Star Wars Expansion 1 adds components for a sixth player, equipment tiles, and a special die.

This expansion can be played only in combination with STAR WARS™ CARCASSONNE, either in its entirety or only partially integrated. All the rules of STAR WARS™ CARCASSONNE remain the same.

Components and setup

  • 6 blue meeples, with the new set of meeples you can now play with up to six players.
  • 1 sheet of stickers (before playing, apply the stickers from Kylo Ren onto the blue meeples)
  • 1 character card Kylo Ren (with faction symbol)
  • 18 space tiles (indicated by, to be able to easily distinguish and sort them)
  • 6 point tiles 50/100
  • 12 equipment tiles (6 lightsabers and 6 blasters)
  • 1 yellow special die

The individual game materials are described below:

6 point tiles

The point tiles make it easier for you to keep track of your current point total. When you move to the 0 field on the scoring board, take one of the point tiles and lay it down in front of you with the number 50 showing so that everyone can see it. When you move to the 0 field a second time, turn over your point tile so that it shows 100.

18 new space tiles

Shuffle the new space tiles together with the tiles from the basic game. Then lay them face down in multiple stacks as usual. During the game, you lay the tiles next to the other tiles, as in the basic game — trading route tile next to trading route tile, and asteroid field next to asteroid field. Here is what you need to know about the new space tiles:

The planet completes the trading routes on both sides.
The asteroid field completes the trading routes on both sides.
This tile has 4 separate asteroid fields.

How to play the game

2. Positioning a Meeple
12 equipment tiles (6 lightsabers and 6 blasters)

Before the game, each player receives 2 equipment tiles (lightsaber and blaster) in his colour in addition to the other game materials.

When you place one of your meeples on a space tile, you can give him one of the two equipment tiles. Choose either the blaster or the lightsaber, laying it next to your meeple so that it is clear that it belongs to this meeple, but doesn't cover up any important information on the tile.

You can give one of your meeples a maximum of one equipment tile only. From this point on, the equipment tile stays next to your meeple until you remove this meeple from the space tile, putting it and its accompanying equipment tile back into your stock pile.

3. Time for battle


If one of your meeples goes into battle with a lightsaber, you get to add +1 to your highest rolled die. So, if your highest rolled die is a 6, you have a 7.


If your meeple goes into battle with a blaster, he does battle with the yellow special die instead of a normal die. The yellow special die has the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. If you use, for example, the big meeple, you get one normal die and the special die instead of two normal dice. It doesn't matter which of your meeples or faction symbols are involved in a battle, you get to use a maximum of 3 dice in battle.

You are player blue. You have given your meeple a lightsaber. Player red has given his meeple a blaster. On your turn, you connect the two asteroid fields. A battle ensues.

Due to the faction symbols, you receive an extra die. Red gets to use the yellow special die instead of a normal die because of his blaster.

1st roll: Because of the lightsaber, your highest roll (6) becomes a 7. Player red also rolls a 7 with the yellow die. It's a tie. Both players receive 1 point. The battle continues.

2nd roll: On your second attempt, you both roll a 5 as your highest result. Because of the lightsaber, your 5 becomes a 6 and you win the battle. Player red takes his meeple and blaster and puts them back into his stock pile. Since he used 1 die, he gets 1 point.


Combining lightsaber and blaster

You can only give one of your meeples either one lightsaber or one blaster. But, in the course of the game, it can happen that one of your meeples with a lightsaber and a meeple with blaster go into battle together when a trading route or an asteroid field are joined. In this case, you have the advantage of the lightsaber (+1 of your highest rolled die) and the advantage of the blaster (yellow special die) in a single battle. By combining both advantages in one battle, you can reach a high of 9.

Blaster against blaster

When 2 or more players engage in a battle in which multiple meeples with blasters are involved, you have to take turns using the yellow die and remember what number you rolled.

Tile Reference

Total tiles: 18
Swtile43.png ×1
Swtile44.png ×1
Swtile45.png ×2
Swtile46.png ×2
Swtile47.png ×1
Swtile48.png ×1
Swtile49.png ×1
Swtile50.png ×1
Swtile51.png ×1
Swtile52.png ×1
Swtile53.png ×1
Swtile54.png ×1
Swtile55.png ×1
Swtile56.png ×1
Swtile57.png ×1
Swtile58.png ×1


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