The Adults of Carcassonne

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General info and comments

Originally released by Ted Tronson in 2014 following a Kickstarter campaign.

The Adults of Carcassonne is really a set of accessories providing a drinking version of the tile-placing game, Carcassonne. This project came to life after having the idea of turning gaming tiles into mug coasters. After showing them to my friends, one of them had said it would be really neat to play a full game with them. Then it hit me - why not design the gaming pieces into shot glasses and turn my favorite past-time into a drinking game!


  • 40 x 1.5 ounce acrylic BPA-free shot glasses representing meeples (8 per player in 5 colours)
  • 72 pulp board or neoprene tiles
  • 1 rubberized score board
Adults of Carcassonne contents

Stretch Goals and Add-ons:

  • $7.5k - A sixth-player set of 8 purple shot glasses was offered for an additional $10.
  • $8k - A six-tile Abbey expansion was included for free, and additional sets could be added on for $5/10 (pulp/neoprene).
  • $8.5k - A 38x43cm cloth drawbag was offered for an additional $6 and limited to 100.
  • $9k - A six-tile set of crop circles was included for free, and additional sets could be added on $10/15 (pulp/neoprene).
  • $9.5k - A set of six clear acrylic shot glasses, representing phantoms, was offered for an additional $10.
  • $10k - A four-tile Tunnel expansion was included for free, and additional sets could be added on for $7/12 (pulp/neoprene). Round magnets were also provided to act as tunnel tokens.
  • $11k - A set of three acrylic shot glasses in bronze, silver, and gold (1 of each) were to be included for free, and 8-piece sets for $10 each, but this stretch goal was not reached.
  • $12k - This stretch goal was not revealed, since the previous goal was not reached, though the possibility of glass instead of acrylic shot glasses was mentioned in the campaign.



It is strongly recommended to use light beer or mixed drinks with low alcohol content[1], as you will be taking several shots during the game. A 2-player game takes the equivalent of 3-4 beers per person, while a 4-player game takes the equivalent of 2-3 beers per person.


Remember, please drink responsibly. Be aware of and abide by the legal drinking age in your jurisdiction. Do not drink and drive, drink to excess, or drink with certain medications or medical conditions. For more information, please contact your health provider.

Playing the Game

The rules of Carcassonne remain the same. Only a few new rules need to be known:

  • Every Meeple shot needs to be filled with the beverage of your choice at any given time (except while placed on the farm).
  • When a feature is completed, the respective player(s) take their Meeple shots off the table and drink them accordingly.
  • When placing your Meeple shots on the farm, you are to drink your shot before placing it right-side up or upside-down depending on your preference.
  • When moving your Meeple shot around the scoreboard, fill it up 25%, 50%, 75%, etc. when you reach 50, 100, 150 points, etc.
  • At the very end, everyone drinks the rest of their Meeple shots while scoring end-game points, along with their unused Meeple shots.


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community Consider using non-alcoholic beverages if any players are below legal drinking age or not able to drink due to certain medications or medical conditions.