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Originally released by Hans im Glück in 2005, Carcassonne: The Discovery is a tile-laying game for 2 to 5 players, ages 10 and above.

The Discovery is based on Carcassonne, but is not compatible with Carcassonne or any of the other Carcassonne spin-off games.

The game uses many of the standard Carcassonne game concepts, but moves it from medieval France to a land far away - a land of meadows, mountains and seas. Unlike Carcassonne, it is the size of the region in which the follower is located that brings points - regardless of whether the region has been closed or not, although closed off regions score considerably more points. The decision of when to remove a follower from a region is left to the player - but since regions can become more valuable as the game develops, deciding the right time can make for an agonizing decision. There's also an additional rule that lets mountainous regions increase in value, even if they've already been completed.

Concepteur : Leo Colovini

Remarques de WICA


Ce qui suit est basé sur la version des règles de Rio Grande Games. Des commentaires et des clarifications supplémentaires ont été apportés par divers forums de discussion sur Carcassonne (BGG, CarcC et CarcF).


Extensions de fans

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  • The conversion of some Carcassonne fan expansions (Mines, Fishing, Spice Traders, Precious Stones and House Traders) for The Discovery was proposed on CarcassonneCentral. Only tile designs were released - the original expansions would also be required for rules and additional components.
  • Die Seeschlange is adapted around the dragon (from The Princess and the Dragon) and was inspired by Scotland's Loch Ness monster. A development version can be found on the German-speaking CarcassonneForum
  • 50/100 Scoring Tiles are available to download from CarcassonneCentral


If you prefer to draw tiles from a bag, this custom design is available from Artscow:


Notes de fin

Artistes : Stefano Mondini et Fabio Visintin


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