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Winter Gingerbread Man C2 Tile A.jpg You are reading the rules for this tile design.
This expansion was not published in other editions.
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Winter has broken out in Carcassonne. It's cold, but romantic, it is a time of hot drinks and sweet pastries. Life in the cities of Carcassonne is just a bit slower. But occasionally a new fellow pops up - have you already found him?

General info and comments

Punchout (misprint)
Expansion symbol

The Gingerbread Man was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2012 and is an expansion for the Winter Base Game.

There exists two versions of the punchout. Interestingly, the misprint (tile in the upper right corner is identic to the tile in the upper left corner) is much wider than the correct print.


  • 1 wooden Gingerbread Man figure (or token as in the Russian edition)
Gingerbread Man wooden figure
Gingerbread Man token (Russian edition only)
  • 6 new land tiles with gingerbread man symbol



All normal rules of Carcassonne remain. This mini-expansion can be played only with the Carcassonne Winter Edition because of the tile backs. The 6 new landscape tiles with the gingerbread man are mixed in with the tiles of the Winter Edition. The wooden Gingerbread Man is placed in the city on the starting tile.

Example: The Gingerbread Man placed in the city.

Playing the Game

Playing the new tiles: If a player draws a landscape tile with the gingerbread man symbol, he or she places the tile using the normal rules and performs a normal turn. He or she then takes the Gingerbread Man and puts it into a different unfinished city.

Gingerbread Man scoring

  1. When the Gingerbread Man leaves a city (by placement of another gingerbread man tile), all players who have one or more knights in this city will receive points. For each of his or her knights in this city, each player receives 1 point per tile that is a part of the city at this moment. Pennants score no points. The knights remain in this city. [1]
  2. If a player completes a city with the Gingerbread Man, here is what happens: Before the normal scoring is performed, all players who have one or more knights in this city will receive points. For each of his or her knights in this city, each player receives 1 point per tile that is a part of the city. After that, the player who completed the city places the Gingerbread Man into an unfinished city of his or her choice. [2]

Special case: If there is no other unfinished city when the Gingerbread Man must be moved, it stays in the city in which it is located. [3] If this city is completed, it is placed next to the game board and can be brought back into the game by playing a tile with the gingerbread man icon.

Scoring Example 1: [4] RED places a tile with a gingerbread man icon and places the Gingerbread Man on the city on the upper right. Because the Gingerbread Man leaves the city on the left, BLUE gets 7 points (7 tiles, 1 knight) and RED gets 14 points (7 tiles, 2 knights).
Scoring Example 2: RED places a tile, completing the city in which the Gingerbread Man stands. For the gingerbread score, BLUE gets 6 points (6 tiles, 1 knight) and RED gets 12 points (6 tiles, 2 knights). After that RED gets an additional 14 points for the normal city score. RED then places the Gingerbread Man in the unfinished city.

Interactions [5]

  • The Gingerbread Man can be eaten by the dragon.
  • The big follower counts as a normal follower for the purposes of scoring with the Gingerbread Man.
  • Figures which are not followers (such as the pig and builder) do not interact with the Gingerbread Man.

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 6
Winter Gingerbread Man C2 Tile A.jpg ×1
Winter Gingerbread Man C2 Tile B.jpg ×1
Winter Gingerbread Man C2 Tile C.jpg ×1 (+)
Winter Gingerbread Man C2 Tile F.jpg ×1
Winter Gingerbread Man C2 Tile D.jpg ×1 (–)

Note: The initial tile distribution presented the following differences by mistake: Tile marked with (–) missing and, instead, copies of the tile marked with (+) were included.


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community This case doesn't apply if a gingerbread man tile was used to complete the city with the Gingerbread Man. Case #2 should be applied then. As a consequence, the Gingerbread Man would only move once.
  2. Interpretation from the Community Based on Scoring Example 2, the movement of the Gingerbread Man occurs after normal scoring.
  3. Interpretation from the Community Since the the Gingerbread Man does not move, there is no gingerbread scoring.
  4. Notorious rule difference among editions or publishers As is also pointed out in the Tile Distribution, the red-bordered tile placed in this example was not included in the initial print run of the Gingerbread Man mini-expansion.
  5. Official clarification from the publisher These clarifications come from the iOS version of Carcassonne, where the Winter Edition can easily be mixed with expansions from the Standard Edition of Carcassonne. (12/2014)