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General info and comments

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The Castle Lords fan-expansion was released by Carcassonne Central member Trebuchet. Rules revisited by members of Carcassonne Central.

The Lords of Carcassonne reside at their Castles for as long as can be remembered. Their status does not only become apparent by the scale of their houses, but also by the length of their Castle roads. The longer a Castle road, the more status for the Lord.


  • 4 new land tiles depicting Castle on road.

New land tiles

The new Land tiles are played like those in the base game.

CastleLords C1 TileC.png

Castle on road: The Castle is part of the road. A Follower can be placed on the Castle entrance as Lord occupying Castle and Road, or on the Field as a Farmer.



Shuffle the Castle Lords tiles together with the land tiles of the basic game.


1. Placing a tile

Whenever you draw a tile, place it normally.

2. Placing a meeple

After placing a Castle Lord tile, you can place your follower

  1. on the field as a Farmer
  2. on the Castle entrance as a Lord.[1].
CastleLords C1 PlaceMeeple.png

Example 1: Red places his follower on the Castle entrance. The road leading to the castle is now a Castle Road and thus occupied by Red.

Note 1: Placement to the Castle and road separately is not allowed, because the Road and the Castle are both part of the Castle Road.

Note 2: Rules for follower placement for Castle Roads are the same as for regular roads. Don't forget that a Follower placed on a Castle entrance as Lord also occupies the Castle Road.

3. Scoring a feature

A Castle Road is completed according to the regular rules for roads.
Normal rules of majority apply to Castle Roads.

A player with the majority and with a Lord on the Castle Road scores 1 point for each tile of the Castle Road. Each joining tile of the Castle Road scores the player 1 point more than the previous tile. A player with the majority but without a Lord on the Castle Road scores the Castle Road as a regular road.

Example 2: Over the previous turns Red has managed to have the Castle Road extend over a length of 4 tiles. Red now plays the road junction tile and ends his road. Red scores 15 points (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5).

Note 1: If the Highwaymen have majority, the Castle Lord scores 0 points. If the Lord(s) and Highwaymen are tied for majority, the Castle Lord scores for the Castle Road and the Highwaymen score for the regular road.

Friendly game variant rules

When playing Friendly game variant, then maximum score for Castle Road is 50 points.

Final Scoring

Uncompleted Castle roads are scored as per normal rules of Road at the end of the game by sharing majority for Lords and Highwaymen on Castle road.

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Fan expansions

Robber's SonRobber's Son

Interpretation from the Community Since the Castle Lord is placed on the Castle entrance, which is part of the Castle Road, when the player decides to remove the meeple from the road, he can also remove the Castle Lord.

The WellsThe Wells

Interpretation from the Community The location of the Wells on the road is irrelevant for the score of the Castle Road, because score for the Wells is added after calculating the score for the completed Castle Road.

Tile distribution

Total tiles: 4
CastleLords C1 TileA.png ×1
CastleLords C1 TileB.png ×1
CastleLords C1 TileC.png ×1
CastleLords C1 TileD.png ×1


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Official clarification from the publisher A Castle is part of the road, and Followers cannot be placed on the Castle itself. When a Follower is placed as Lord on a Castle entrance, its road becomes a Castle Road. For Castle roads, all of the regular rules for roads are used except scoring.
  2. Official clarification from the publisher According to C1 rules of Wagon movement, placement to the Castle entrance is allowed because is part of the Castle road.