Cathedrals in Germany (1st edition)

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German Cathedrals German Cathedrals
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General info and comments

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Cathedrals in Germany (Kathedralen in Deutschland) was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2016.

This mini expansion, containing 6 well-known cathedrals in Germany, gives the players the opportunity to gain a respectable number of points with the help of archbishop and thieves. [1]


  • 6 new land tiles showing cathedrals in Germany.


Each of the 6 cathedral tiles has 3 or 4 roads segments starting from the cathedral. [2]


Shuffle the six new Land tiles showing the cathedrals with those from the base game. This expansion has been developed for the Carcassonne base game and its rules still apply [3].

Placing a tile

When you draw a Land tile showing a cathedral, place it according to the normal rules.

Deploying a follower

After placing a Land tile showing a cathedral, you may place one of your meeples on it according to the normal rules. You may place it on a road, in a farm, or on the cathedral as archbishop.


Scoring a closed road

When you complete a road leading directly to a cathedral your thief gives you 2 points for each road tile the road consist of. [4] [5] [6]

Special rule when scoring a road

Unlike the rules of the base game, for a road starting and ending on the same Land tile showing a cathedral, you count and score each road segment separately.

Example 1 - Scoring a completed road: RED scores 10 points for the closed road. On the Land tile showing a cathedral you count both roads segments separately.

Scoring a cathedral

The cathedral itself can only be scored once all roads leading to it are closed. The archbishop gives you points for all these roads - 1 point for each road tile. The 3 or 4 road segments on the cathedral tile are counted separately. [5]

Note: A road starting and ending at the cathedral, is counted as one road, which will be scored once.

Example 2 - Scoring a completed German Cathedral: RED gets 8 points for the finished cathedral from two closed roads - 1x worth 5 points and 1x worth 3 points. BLUE gets 6 points for the closed road.

 Interpretation from the Community When scoring a German cathedral, each road is evaluated separately. Is this correct?

Yes, as seen in the scoring example above, the scoring of a German cathedral is the sum of the points granted by each road connected to it. This may not make a difference in that basic example, however it is important when one or more tiles contribute to various roads connected to the same German cathedral (those tiles are scored once per road). [5]

After scoring, you take your meeple back, as usual.

Final scoring

At the end of the game unfinished roads leading to cathedrals and unfinished cathedrals give you points. Thieves and archbishops give you one point for each road tile leading to the cathedral (road segments on German Cathedral tiles are counted separately.) [5] [7]

Other expansions

Exp. 1 - Inns & CathedralsExp. 1 - Inns & Cathedrals

Interpretation from the Community When using Inns & Cathedrals, for each closed road with an Inn [8] that leads to a cathedral, you get 3 instead of 2 points for each road tile, and 2 points instead of 1 for your archbishop. [9] Unfinished roads at the end of the game are still worth 0 points. This applies to the thief as well as the archbishop. [5]

Exp. 3 - The Princess & the DragonExp. 3 - The Princess & the Dragon

Interpretation from the Community When using The Princess & the Dragon the dragon eats the archbishop when the dragon moves onto a Land tile showing a cathedral.

Tile distribution

Total tiles: 6
Cathedrals C1 01.png ×1
Cathedrals C1 02.png ×1
Cathedrals C1 03.png ×1
Cathedrals C1 04.png ×1
Cathedrals C1 05.png ×1
Cathedrals C1 06.png ×1

The cathedrals in detail

Cologne Cathedral (North Rhine-Westphalia) Cologne Cathedral
(North Rhine-Westphalia)

Cologne cathedral counts among the biggest gothic cathedrals in the world. Its foundation stone was laid down in the 13th century but it was finished only in the 19th. Today, Cologne Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Frauenkirche (Munich, Bavaria) Frauenkirche
(Munich, Bavaria)

The Frauenkirche in the capital of Bavaria was built in the late Gothic style. As early as 1494 it was consecrated as place of worship. With its towers that stand at almost 100 meters tall it is characteristic of the skyline of Munich.

Dresden Cathedral (Saxony) Dresden Cathedral

The Frauenkirche in Dresden was built in baroque style between 1725 and 1743. During WWII it was badly hit by Allied air raids and collapsed in the morning of February 15th, 1945. Rebuilding began in 1994 and was completed 11 years later.

St.Michael's Church (Hamburg) St.Michael's Church

The protestant main church, Saint Michael called "Michel" ("Mike"), is the most famous church in Hamburg and a landmark of the Hanseatic town. It counts as most important baroque church in northern Germany and is dedicated to the archangel Michael whose huge bronze statue stands above the main portal.

Ulm Minster (Baden-Wurttemberg) Ulm Minster

The Ulm Minster was built in Gothic style and has the tallest church tower in the world (161.5m). Its foundation stone was laid in 1377 when Ulm was still mostly catholic. Today it is Germany's biggest Protestant church building.

Aachen Cathedral (North Rhine-Westphalia)' Aachen Cathedral
(North Rhine-Westphalia)

During a period of 600 years, 40 German kings were crowned in Aachen Cathedral - its construction started in 796. In 1978 the cathedral was the first German cultural heritage to be included in UNESCO's world heritage list.


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community The original rules use terms employed in the new edition: "highwayman" instead of "thief" and "field" instead of "farm." We are using the terms common to the 1st edition for the sake of consistency. This switch can be explained by the release date of this expansion, since it was coexisting with the new edition at that time.
  2. Official clarification from the publisher Authors Note: Of course, the real cathedrals are located within their cities. We wanted to make the distinction since cathedrals already played a part in the first expansion Inns and Cathedrals. Thus, the cathedrals in this expansion are standing in the farms and fulfill their own function. We are also aware that no cathedrals and archbishops exist in the Protestant church. We simplified the names for easier reading. Thank you for understanding.
  3. Interpretation from the Community Question: If you play with German Cathedrals and Cult Places, do the German Cathedrals act as a kind of monastery? Answer: No, there is no interaction as there is between monasteries/cloisters and cult places
  4. Interpretation from the Community Question: If a road starts at one German Cathedral and ends at a different German Cathedral is the scoring of the road still 2 points per road tile? Answer: Yes, still 2 points per road tile. German Cathedrals do not stack. (3/2016)
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 Interpretation from the Community The following table summarizes the various scoring cases. Take into account that road segments on a German Cathedral are counted separately and get the same points as any road tile:
    Feature Completed normal road Completed road with Inn(s) Uncompleted normal road Uncompleted road with Inn(s)
    Scoring during the game
    Road leading to G. Cathedral 2 points / tile 3 points / tile
    Archbishop on G. Cathedral
    (each road evaluated separately)
    1 point / tile 2 points / tile
    Scoring after the game
    Road leading to G. Cathedral 1 point / tile 0 points / tile
    Archbishop on G. Cathedral
    (each road evaluated separately)
    1 point / tile 2 points / tile 1 point / tile 0 points / tile

    You can find here some advanced scoring examples involving German cathedrals as provided by Kettlefish (a German proofreader of the original expansion):

  6. Interpretation from the Community Any other bonus points applied to road scoring such as the Wainwrights quarter bonus (see The Markets of Leipzig) or the Mage (see Mage and Witch) still consider the number of road tiles as usual including the German Cathedral tiles. Therefore road segments on German Cathedrals are not considered separately.
    Example - Scoring a complete road with the Mage: RED completed a 4-tile road looping back to a German Cathedral. The Mage is on the road too. RED will score a total of 14 points:
    • (3 road tiles segments + 2 road segments on German Cathedral tile) x 2 points = 5 x 2 points = 10 points
    • 4 tiles x 1 point for the Mage = 4 points
  7. Official clarification from the publisher This paragraph has been updated to reflect the original meaning of the HiG rules. The official clarifications provided indicated that:
    • Thieves on unfinished roads are scored as usual, that is, taking into account the majority.
    • Archbishops on unfinished cathedrals get 1 point per tile from all the finished and unfinished roads leading to the cathedral.
    In any case, road segments on the cathedral tile are counted separately for road starting and ending at the cathedral. (4/2016)
  8. Official clarification from the publisher Inns do no stack: If more than one Inn is present on a road, the road still scores 2 points for each road tile.
  9. Official clarification from the publisher Archbishops score 2 points per road tile on a finished road with an Inn both during the game and after the game. (4/2016)