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The publisher of Carcassonne, HiG, have kindly granted permission to the Carcassonne fan-base to create additional game material, typically small expansions, on the understanding that :-

  • the content is made available openly on the internet and never for commercial purposes
  • that scans of original tiles are not made available
  • that they reserve the right to use or adapt ideas from any such material in future expansions that they produce, without the need to reference the original, and
  • that appropriate copyright and intellectual ownership is included
  • that, where possible, any new elements are based on existing HiG artwork and, if not, there are no copyright infringements

The result of this agreement is that several hundred fan expansions have been developed since the game was first published and which are currently available through a number of different sites, but mainly CarcC and CarcF. All such expansions are "print and play", and require access to decent printing, and blank tiles onto which the prints may be attached. Some enterprising individuals have managed to print directly onto the blank tiles available from CundCo by adapting printers that can print direct to CD. Both CarcC and CarcF have discussion threads on these topics.

It is not the intention of this site to list or comment on all the different fan expansions available - that is up to the individual to investigate if they wish. However, it should be noted that :-

  • some expansions add additional landscape features which may, or may not, have additional rules associated with them
  • some introduce new functions, tiles and figures
  • some involve additional game mechanisms (set collection, or special tasks (such as building a heart-shaped city))
  • some may feature a large number of new landscape tiles, and others none
  • there are no guarantees about the playability of an individual fan expansion, or how it might interact with other published, or fan, expansions
  • some may be the work of an individual, or the result of a collaborative effort with extensive playtesting

A small number of fan produced expansions were selected by the publisher for a slight makeover and these were, for a period, made available through the pubisher's own website. Additionally, some members of the fan community have an agreement with the publisher to produce, on a limited basis, some of the officially released expansions where the publisher will not or does not intend to convert the expansion into the other artwork style. These are noted below.

Conversion between different Editions

HiG have given authorisation to the German Carcassonne Forum to convert, on a limited (approximately 1 or 2 per year) and agreed case-by-case basis, a small number of expansions in the other stye of artwork because the publisher does not intend to convert and commercially release that expansion themselves. The publisher has indicated that new expansions that are released in the Second Edition artwork will not be printed in the old artwork style and that it is unlikely that certain original expansions will be updated for the new artwork.

First Edition to Second Edition

The Plague

This is currently under development by Hans-Dietrich Pester (late 2018/early 2019).

Games Quarterly 11

CarcF GQ11 C2.png

The 12 individual tiles for this, by Ratz65, are available in low resolution from the CarcF site, rather than as a single download file, which indicates that although development is seemingly complete, the final set of tiles at a higher resolution, and rules, have not yet been completed/approved.

Second Edition to First Edition

The tiles for the following conversions are available for download from the German Carcassonne Forum, which requires a login and participation in forum activities before download access becomes available.

Gardens and The Abbot

CarcF Gardens C1.png

Hans-Dietrich Pester has created a set of 20 tiles with gardens, replicating those that have appeared in the Base Game and subsequent major expansions. This allows use of The Abbot. Players may uses the Abbot figures from the current edition game, obtain additional abbot figures from CundCo, or use another figure in its place. Two different garden designs have been used on the tiles, and the work was carried out in the period 2015-2016.

The Watchtowers

CarcF Watchtower C1.png

This was the first official conversion from Second to First Edition art styles by Hans-Dietrich Pester, and comprises a set of 12 tiles featuring a watchtower which match those from the minor expansion. Two additional tiles are included on the sheet.

Under The Big Top

Work on converting this major expansion from the Second Edition commenced almost immediately after the expansion was officially released in 2017, but this was prior to the agreement between CarcF and HiG. As a result of that later negotiation, work on the conversion ceased, but may resume at an agreed date in the future.

Fan expansions on HiG website

For a short period during 2014-2016, several fan expansions were selected by HiG, revised, and made available through their website as "print and play" download files. However, at a subsequent website redesign, the files were not reinstated. However, each of the expansions are still available, in at least one of the versions, from either CarcC or CarcF for download. They were never available as printed files by the publisher, or through CundCo.

City Gates

City Gate expansion symbol

Original design by Christof Struck and Hans-Dietrich Pester.

Originally developed by Christof on CarcF as a set of 12 tiles, it was subsequently released in 2015 by HiG as a sheet of 24 "print and play" tiles. Both the original and HiG versions are available from CarcF.

CityGates C1 1.png
City Gates tile

Basic concept :
The City Gates have always been the gateway to the world for the people of Carcassonne and symbolized the wealth of Carcassonne for visitors and merchants. City Gates have been rebuilt and upgraded, and the city has grown to the edge of the tile. They have been given copper roofing which has now turned green with verdigris. The tiles may be placed next to fields, roads or other tiles with City Gates.

Easter in Carcassonne

The Easter Bunny

Original design by Christof Struck.

Available from HiG as a PDF download in 2014 comprising 22 tiles. Currently available from CarcF website.

EasterBunny C1 1.png
Easter Bunny
EasterBunny C1 2.png
Easter Nest tile

Basic concept :
Two types of tile are included, some with an Easter Nest, and some with the Easter Bunny symbol. The players gain Easter Eggs (you will require several packs of small chocolate eggs) when, for example, all the tiles around an Easter Nest have been placed, or when the Easter Bunny gives out an egg to any follower it encounters as it hops around the game board. The player with the most (uneaten!) eggs at the end of the game, scores 10 points, and the player with the second most, 5 points.

Fortune Teller

JPutty version symbol
HiG version symbol

Original design by Jeffrey Putnam.

The original version (with crescent moon symbol) is available on CarcC and comprises nine tiles for First Edition artwork.

The HiG version (has a crystal ball symbol) was made available for download in 2016 on the HiG website, but is not currently available. It comprised 8 tiles in both First Edition and Second Edition artwork, with each tile featuring the Fortune Teller's tent.

FortuneTeller C1FE 01.png
Original tile
FortuneTeller C1 01.png
First Edition
FortuneTeller C2 01.png
Second Edition

Basic concept :
Whoever draws and places a Fortune Teller tile may place a follower on the tile, and until the four adjacent tiles are placed (by them or others), they may draw two tiles on their turn, choose one, and discard the other. The player who places the fourth tile surrounding the Fortune Teller scores 3 points and the Fortune Teller follower is returned to its owner.