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General Info and Comments

Originally released by Hans im Glück in 2014 at Essen Spiel, The Sheriff is a mini-expansion for Carcassonne: Gold Rush.


  • 1 gold wooden Sheriff figure
Figure Sheriff.png
  • 6 Land Tiles with a Sheriff Star icon



The Land Tiles of this mini-expansion are mixed in with the rest of the tiles from the base game. The Sheriff figure is placed near the playing field.

With the exception of these mini-expansion rules, all other basic rules for Carcassonne: Gold Rush remain unchanged.

The Sheriff

Figure Sheriff.png

On a player’s turn, if a Land Tile with a Sheriff Star is drawn, the player places the tile according to the normal rules. The player then must move the Sheriff.

Moving the Sheriff

If the Sheriff is not on the playing field, the player places him on an incomplete Mountain area. If the Sheriff is already on a tile, the player must move him onto another incomplete Mountain area. The Sheriff may be placed on a Mountain area even if any or all tiles of that Mountain area already contain Cowboys and/or Tents. It is not required for him to be placed on an unoccupied tile only.

Exception: If the Sheriff cannot be moved to another incomplete Mountain area (because there are none), he is returned to the side of the playing field.

Activating the Sheriff

The player who places (or moves) the Sheriff must now take one mining token from each other player with a Tent on the Mountain and immediately return them to the supply. The supply of Tokens is then mixed. If a Mountain has no Mining Tokens when the Sheriff is placed (or moved) there, no Tokens will be returned to the supply. If the player who places (or moves) the Sheriff has his own Tent on the Mountain, he is exempt from discarding a Token.

BLUE places the Sheriff on a Mountain. Because YELLOW and BLACK each have a Tent on this Mountain, they must each draw 1 Mining Token from the stack and return it to the supply. BLUE does not have to return a Token, since he placed the Sheriff.
Mining Freeze

As long as the Mountain that the Sheriff is standing on is incomplete, no player may take a Mining Token from it. Players may still move their Tents to another Mountain, as part of their normal turn, if desired. When the Mountain is completed, the Mining Tokens on the stack are distributed according to the normal rules, and the Sheriff is returned to the side of the playing field.

After activating the Sheriff, the current player continues with their normal turn (placing a Cowboy, placing/moving a Tent, taking a Mining Token).

The Sheriff at Game End

If the Sheriff is standing on an incomplete Mountain at the end of the game, the owner receives the Mining Tokens on it. If there are multiple owners, the Mining Tokens are distributed evenly.

The Graveyards

GoldRush Sheriff Ex02 Graveyards.jpg

Two of the Land Tiles in this mini-expansion feature Graveyards. If a player draws either of them, it is placed as normal, then the player activates the Sheriff as described above. The player then performs the rest of the turn normally. If the player decides to place a Cowboy, it may be placed on the Prairie area of the tile, or in the Graveyard.

Scoring during the game

A Graveyard is scored when all 8 spaces surrounding the Graveyard tile (both orthogonally and diagonally) contain Land Tiles. The owner of the Graveyard scores 9 points plus 1 point for each City surrounding the Graveyard.

Scoring at game end

At the end of the game, the owner of a Graveyard scores 1 point each for the Graveyard tile itself, any surrounding tiles, and any City on those surrounding tiles.

Game end: RED scores 9 points for a Cowboy in the Graveyard (7 tiles + 2 Cities on the surrounding tiles)

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 6
GoldRush Sheriff Tile 01.png ×1
GoldRush Sheriff Tile 02.png ×1
GoldRush Sheriff Tile 03.png ×1
GoldRush Sheriff Tile 04.png ×1
GoldRush Sheriff Tile 05.png ×1
GoldRush Sheriff Tile 06.png ×1