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The Fortune Teller was released by HiG in 2016. It was the 3rd official PnP expansion for the 1st edition and in same time the first official PnP expansion for the 2nd edition. Original design by Jeffrey Puttnam.

Mysterious fortune tellers have been appearing across the land of Carcassonne, possessing the ability to see what lies ahead. This rare profession may bring an advantage to those hoping to get a glimpse into the future…

The tiles and rules files published by HiG are available here:

  • German version and English translation on Carcassonne Central (please register to access):;sa=view;down=474

The original old artwork fan expansion files can be found here:

  • English version (rules and 9 tiles) on Carcassonne Central (please register to access):;sa=view;down=151
  • English version (rules and 8 tiles) and German translation on Carcassonne Forum (please register to access):


  • 8 new fortune teller tiles (1st edition)
  • 8 new fortune teller tiles (2nd edition)
The Fortune Teller



At the start of the game, shuffle the fortune teller tiles with the rest of the tiles. For this expansion, we recommend to draw the tiles out of a bag (e. g. from the 2nd expansion).


1. Placing a tile

The fortune teller tiles are placed according to normal Carcassonne rules.

2. Placing a meeple

If a player plays a tile with a fortune teller, he may deploy a meeple as a fortune teller on the tent. He may instead place a meeple on the other features on the tile, according to the normal rules.
Every player may have only 2 meeples on a fortune teller tent at the same time.

Benefit of the fortune teller
For every meeple on a fortune teller tent the player may draw 1 extra tile out of the bag at the beginning of his turn.
This can be 3 tiles maximum, if he has 2 fortune tellers as permitted.
From the drawn tiles the player chooses one and places it. He puts the other(s) tile(s) back in the bag and shuffles it.
If a player loses a fortune teller (see 3. Scoring a feature) he also loses the ability to draw an extra tile.

3. Scoring a feature

The fortune teller tent is completed
When a tile with a fortune teller has tiles on every 4 sides the tent has been completed and gets scored. The player, who placed the last of the 4 tiles gets 3 points. This can also be the player who owns the fortune teller.
The owner immediately takes back the fortune teller in his stock.
The ability (drawing an extra tile) of this fortune teller cannot be used anymore.

Example: Red places the upper tile and completes the tent of the fortune teller. Red scores 3 points. Blue takes back his meeple.
Final scoring

A fortune teller that remains on a tile at the end of the game will not earn any points.

Other expansions

The Fortune Teller designed to work with any and all Carcassonne expansions. Rules specific to certain expansions work in the following ways.

Exp. 2 - Traders and Builders:

Neither the pig nor the builder may be deployed as a Fortune Teller.

If a player’s turn is extended via a builder, the player will NOT redraw for a new tile, but will instead use the second tile that was drawn at the beginning of his turn. If a player has multiple tiles due to having two Fortune Tellers, he must choose which tile to place for his double turn.

Exp. 3 - The Princess and the Dragon:

A meeple that is used as a fortune teller is subject to the same rules as a normal meeple in this expansion:

  • A fortune teller is vulnerable to the dragon, unless protected by the fairy.
  • The fairy will provide 1 bonus point to a player if it remains next to a Fortune Teller at the beginning of that players turn.
  • If a fortune teller tent is completed, the fairy will provide 3 bonus points to the player with the deployed meeple together with the fairy onto the tent, regardless of which player completes it.

Also, a magic portal can be used to teleport any meeple to any unoccupied, and incomplete fortune teller tile.

Exp. 4 - The Tower:

A fortune teller can be captured by a tower per the usual tower capturing rules.

Exp. 5 - Abbey and the Mayor:

The mayor may not be deployed as a fortune teller. The wagon may be deployed as such. Also, the wagon can be placed on and moved from a fortune teller tent in his usual function as a wagon.

Exp. 6 - Count, King and Robber:

A meeple may not be moved onto a fortune teller tent from the City of Carcassonne.

Exp. 7 - The Catapult:

A fortune teller is eligible to be both knocked-off and seduced by those respective tokens.

Tile distribution

1st edition

Total tiles: 8

FortuneTeller C1 Tile 01.png x1
FortuneTeller C1 Tile 02.png x1
FortuneTeller C1 Tile 03.png x1
FortuneTeller C1 Tile 04.png x1
FortuneTeller C1 Tile 05.png x1
FortuneTeller C1 Tile 06.png x1
FortuneTeller C1 Tile 07.png x1
FortuneTeller C1 Tile 08.png x1

2nd edition

Total tiles: 8

FortuneTeller C2 Tile 01.png x1
FortuneTeller C2 Tile 02.png x1
FortuneTeller C2 Tile 03.png x1
FortuneTeller C2 Tile 04.png x1
FortuneTeller C2 Tile 05.png x1
FortuneTeller C2 Tile 06.png x1
FortuneTeller C2 Tile 07.png x1
FortuneTeller C2 Tile 08.png x1


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