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General info and comments

Carcassonne Map-Chips was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2019.

It is a mini-expansion with different rules for each Carcassonne Map. In the case of Carcassonne Maps - Taiwan, players can upgrade their meeples to have the majority during scoring (this Map-Chip mechanic is also implemented in Carcassonne Maps - Germany).


  • 30 Map–Chips (10 each in purple, light blue and orange.)
Carcassonne Map-Chips
Map-Chip back side

It is recommended to play with 100–110 tiles, for example with the basic game and the first and second expansions, that is, Exp. 1 - Inns and Cathedrals and Exp. 2 - Traders and Builders. [1]



Use the 2 available starting-squares (Mount Snow and Mount Jade). [2]

Start-squares for Carcassonne Maps - Taiwan

Shuffle all 30 Map-Chips face down. Place them evenly distributed on the squares of the map and stick to the following rules:

  • Place the chips face down
  • Place only 1 chip per square
  • Place no chips on the large city squares or town squares
  • Place no chips next to each other vertically or horizontally (only diagonally)
  • Place no chips vertically or horizontally adjacent to a used start square or to an open edge of a large city
Example: This is one example of how the chips could be placed. (The chips are shown larger than in reality.)


1. Placing a tile

Island squares with coats of arms

You can only place tiles on island squares if they have been connected with a ferry route from the mainland (see general rules here). If you place a tile on a square with a coat of arms, you'll score 2 points for each coat of arms immediately.

Example 1: The island has been connected to the mainland. You place a tile on the island and you get 2 points immediately for the coat of arms.

Collecting chips

If you place a tile on a square with a chip, you take the chip, flip it over and score 1 or 2 points immediately. Then you place the chip face up in front of you.

Example 2: You place a tile on a square with a chip and you take it. Now you get 2 points for it.
2. Placing a meeple

After having placed a tile, you are allowed to place a meeple according to the general rules.

Upgrading a meeple

If you have collected chips with an exact value of 4 (4x 1-value | 2x 2-value | 2x 1-value + 1x 2-value), you can use them in this or in another turn to upgrade one of your meeples.

Example 1: With these Chips you can upgrade a meeple.

You take one of your chips (the value doesn't matter) and you place it under one of your meeples. This can be a meeple which has been placed in another turn or the one you've just placed (the other chips you used to pay for the upgrade are taken out of the game).

Example 2: One chip is placed under your meeple. The other chips are taken out of the game.

You may upgrade a meeple on a tile only once.

3. Scoring a feature

During a scoring, an upgraded meeple counts as 2 meeples in the respective area (like the big meeple of Exp. 1 - Inns and Cathedrals). After scoring, the meeple returns to your supply as usual and the chip is taken out of the game. This meeple isn't upgraded anymore and counts again as a normal one (you may upgrade it the same way you did before).

Example: The road is completed. Because of your upgraded meeple you have the majority and you get 4 points. Blue doesn't get any points. The upgrade chip is taken out of the game.
Final Scoring

Upgraded meeples count as two even at the end of the game (also farmers).

Tile distribution

Total tokens: 30
Map-Chips C2 Chip Purple 1.png ×6
Map-Chips C2 Chip Purple 2.png ×4
Map-Chips C2 Chip Light Blue 1.png ×6
Map-Chips C2 Chip Light Blue 2.png ×4
Map-Chips C2 Chip Orange 1.png ×6
Map-Chips C2 Chip Orange 2.png ×4


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Notorious rule difference among editions or publishers The Taiwan Map page on CundCo suggests to use 100-110 tiles due to its smaller size.
    The Taiwan Map rules suggest to use 125-130 tiles including the same expansions as the other maps, so this seems to be a mistake. Besides, the Taiwan Map only has room for 121 tiles.
  2. Notorious rule difference among editions or publishers The C2 version of the Taiwan map released by HiG in 2022 didn't include the mounts in the start-squares. However, the C3 version did include them, following the lead of the version released by Swan Panasia.