The Festival (1st edition)

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The Festival The Festival
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General info and comments

Expansion symbol

Originally released by Hans im Glück in 2011 to mark the 10th Anniversary of Carcassonne. [1]

This expansion has been developed for the Carcassonne basic game. All the basic game rules still apply in addition to the expansion rules below.


  • 10 new landscape tiles

The standalone version also includes:

  • 2 special tiles with the rules in German and English, not used as land tiles.



Shuffle the 10 Festival tiles together with the Land tiles of the basic game.

Placing a tile

When a player draws a tile with a festival symbol on it, he or she should place the tile according to the usual rules.

Deploying a follower

The player must then choose either:

  • deploy one of one’s own figures to the tile in the usual way; or
  • return one of one’s own figures [2] [3] [4] from the entire playing area [5] to his or her supply. [6] [7] [8]

The player can also choose to do neither of the above.

Captured followers (from The Tower The Tower expansion) cannot be returned to the player's supply in this way.


When you complete one or more areas (e.g. a monastery, a road etc.) by placing a Festival tile, you score them according to the normal rules.

Final scoring

There is no additional scoring at the end of the game with the Festival tiles.

Tile distribution

Total tiles: 10
Festival10 C1-01.png ×1
Festival10 C1-02.png ×1
Festival10 C1-03.png ×1
Festival10 C1-04.png ×1
Festival10 C1-05.png ×1
Festival10 C1-06.png ×1
Festival10 C1-07.png ×1
Festival10 C1-08.png ×1
Festival10 C1-09.png ×1
Festival10 C1-10.png ×1
Total special tiles: 2 (standalone version only) 
Festival10 C1-11 Front.png
Festival10 C1-11 Back.png ×1
German rules (front and back)
Festival10 C1-12 Front.png
Festival10 C1-12 Back.png ×1
English rules (front and back)


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Interpretation from the Community This “expansion” is really a part of HiG and RGG’s Jubilee Edition of Carcassonne, which essentially consists of a deluxe version of the basic game and this mini-expansion.
  2. Official clarification from the publisher All of one’s own figures are meant here, including normal and big followers, wagon, mayor, builder, pig, barn, shepherd, phantom, C2 abbot, C2 ringmaster, and C3 guard followers. (5/2015; updated 12/2018; updated 2/2023)
  3. Interpretation from the Community No scoring would be applicable to any follower or special figure, including the C2 abbot and the shepherd. Note that:
    • It would be odd to use this expansion to remove an C2 abbot, as it has its own retrieval mechanism that involves scoring.
    • If a shepherd is removed, no Guide flock to stable action is invoked and no flock scoring would take place. There is no official clarification about what happens in this case to the shepherd's flock. Two options may happen:
      • The flock is returned to the bag without scoring as soon as their shepherd is removed from the board.
      • The flock remains on the game board. If it is shared with one or more shepherds, they would not be affected; otherwise, the flock could be claimed by a new shepherd and it would be an analogous case to the sheep found on some tiles in minor expansions such as River III River III or Halflings II Halflings II.
    Players should agree on which option is chosen at the beginning of a game.
  4. Official clarification from the publisher A player cannot return a figure from another player. Also, a player cannot return a neutral figure (such as the fairy or the dragon).
  5. Official clarification from the publisher By specifying “entire playing area,” this allows removal of followers from the City of Carcassonne (even if the Count is in the same space) from The Count of Carcassonne The Count of Carcassonne, the The Wheel of Fortune The Wheel of Fortune crown spaces, the City of Leipzig from The Markets of Leipzig The Markets of Leipzig and therefore a bathhouse from The Barber-Surgeons The Barber-Surgeons. (updated 12/2018)
  6. Notorious rule difference among editions or publishers The RGG 10-year anniversary edition rules actually use the term “followers” for both bullet points. The new version of the Festival tiles sold separately through publisher CundCo also uses the term “followers”. However, the official HiG reading remains “figures”. (updated 5/2014)
  7. Official clarification from the publisher If the Festival is used to remove a follower, the Phantom can still be placed on that turn. (11/2013)
  8. Official clarification from the publisher If the Festival is used to remove a follower, the Fairy cannot be moved, as an action was still taken in the “Move Wood” phase. (5/2014)