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The Hans Statue is a new game piece to place on tiles, which grants the features on them a rich scoring bonus.

Figure HansStatue.png This expansion is independent of tile design and can be played with any edition of Carcassonne or any spin-off (with small adaptations to the rules).
If your tiles have a different design, then choose a game from Spin-offs.Rule selection by design Spin-offs.png

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The Hans Statue is a new game piece to place on tiles, which grants the features on them a rich scoring bonus.

General info

The Hans Statue fan-expansion for Carcassonne Base Game Carcassonne Base Game was released by Carcassonne Central forum member MMike (CarcC).

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  • 1 game piece representing a statue of Hans riding a pig.
Figure HansStatue.png

Required expansions

The Hans Statue requires a set of tiles from any expansion(s), as long they have an easily recognizable logo or watermark on them. The players choose and agree on what set and how many tiles of that set to use. The Spiel Promo tiles The Spiel Promo tiles are the ideal choice since they don't come with rules. The number of tiles needed is at least 1.
This expansion may also be played with only the Base Game Base Game. In that case, it will be required to choose tiles with features like Feature Village C2.png Villages, Feature WaterTower C3.png Water Towers, etc. as tiles for this expansion.



  • Choose a set of tiles, ideally from a mini-expansion (The Festival The Festival, Spiel Promos Spiel Promos, etc. or tiles with some other features like Feature Village C2.png Village, Feature WaterTower C3.png Water Tower, etc.) and how many of those tiles to use.
  • Shuffle the chosen landscape tiles in with those from the base game and stack them normally.
  • The Hans Statue should be placed at the side of the table, and will be brought into play once the game is underway.


Figure HansStatue.png
1. Placing a tile

When any tiles of the chosen set get drawn, they are placed exactly like those in the base game, and/or following the rules of the chosen set.

Put the Hans Statue from outside the game or from a previously-placed tile on the just-placed tile in such a way that no information is covered, if possible.

The Hans Statue is not associated with either a structure or a field on the tile, instead it affects the entire landscape tile.

Example 1: Red place a tile chosen for this expansion and places the Hans Statue there immediately after tile placement.
2. Placing a meeple

You may place a meeple according to the usual rules.

Example 2: Red scores 20 by placing a meeple to city on the just-placed tile.
3. Scoring a feature

If a road, city, or cloister on a tile where the Hans Statue is placed is scored, the player gets a final 2× points multiplier!

Friendly variant
The maximum you can get from the Hans Statue is 40 points.
Example 3: Red scores 6 points for the road (2×3 points for the Hans Statue on a tile with that road).
Final Scoring

The 2× points multiplier still counts at the end of the game.

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General rules

Official clarification from the publisher Scoring of The Hans Statue is in the form of a player bonus.
Official clarification from the publisher The player can get a bonus for scoring a feature which can be completed and scored during the game (like a Shrine), a figure (like an Abbot scored on an unfinished feature during a game) or a token (like an Animal token when scoring Big Top).
Official clarification from the publisher When a player scores negative points for a feature, a figure, or a token on a tile with the Hans Statue, the penalty is halved and rounded down (e.g. -3 points becomes -1).
Official clarification from the publisher The Hans Statue is placed on the tile immediately after tile placement, before any subsequent action or scoring triggered by placement.

Exp. 8 - Bridges, Castles & BazaarsExp. 8 - Bridges, Castles & Bazaars

Official clarification from the publisher Castle - The Hans Statue doesn't multiply the score of a castle.
Official clarification from the publisher Bridge - The Hans Statue placed on a tile with a bridge is also counted as on the road with that bridge.

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