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The COVID-19 fan expansion brings this pandemic to Carcassonne as it was. This infection can spread from feature to feature. No one is safe, and every meeple and special figure on an infected feature must be tested to see if it has become infected or not. Unfortunately, some of them may die.

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Symbol COVID-19.png

The COVID-19 fan expansion brings this pandemic to Carcassonne as it was. This infection can spread from feature to feature. No one is safe, and every meeple and special figure on an infected feature must be tested to see if it has become infected or not. Unfortunately, some of them may die.

General info

COVID-19 fan-expansion for Carcassonne Base Game Carcassonne Base Game was released by Carcassonne CZ forum members Danka (CarcCZ) and šmoula (CarcCZ, CarcC).


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  • 1 landscape tile identified with a corona virus symbol
  • 30 testing cards 20 for negative result, 9 for positive result and 1 for death.
COVID-19 Test Negative.png COVID-19 Test Positive.png COVID-19 Test Death.png
Negative Positive Death
  • 20 infection tokens
Token COVID-19.png
Infection token



Base rules

Shuffle the new landscape tile in with those from the base game and stack them normally. Also shuffle the testing cards and place them in a pile, face down, next to the infection tokens.

Extended rules variant

Place the COVID-19 tile next to the starting tile(s) at the beginning of the game and place two infection tokens to features marked by COVID-19 symbol, first to the city and second to the field.

Example 1: Placement of COVID-19 tile next to the starting tile with infection tokens; the top field on the starting tile and the city on the COVID-19 tile are now infected.


Token COVID-19.png
1. Placing a tile

Placing COVID-19 tile
After placing the tile with the COVID-19 symbol (hereafter Covid), the city and the field are infected with Covid, player place there infection tokens. From this moment on, so-called infected areas are created in the game.

Spread of Covid
When the infected area is enlarged, [1] the Covid spreads further. The player who enlarged the infected area takes an infection token from the general supply and places it on any uninfected area adjacent to an already-infected area (e.g., if there is an infected city that has a road leading from it, he can mark it with the token and thus spread the infection). A city, road, field or monastery can be infected. [2]

Once the infection tokens run out, the infecting player must use one of the tokens already placed, where the disease has since died down.

As soon as any figure enters an infected area during any phase of the game [3] it is obliged to test immediately. Testing is described in phase 2. Placing a figure.

Example 2: Red places the Covid tile. The city with yellow meeple is enlarged by the tile with Covid. The yellow player must test his knight. The Knight tests positive COVID-19 Test Positive.png and returns to the yellow player's supply.
Example 3a: Red enlarges an infected field, causing the Covid to spread further. The arrows indicate the possible places where the infection can spread.
Example 3b: Red chooses to spread the infection to an uninfected road without any meeples, therefore no meeples or figures are required to be tested.
2. Placing a meeple

When placing a figure in an infected area, the player is obliged to test it.

Testing figure
The player takes one testing card for each figure from the top of the pile. The result of the test can be:

  • COVID-19 Test Negative.png Negative - Figure stays where it is placed,
  • COVID-19 Test Positive.png Positive - Figure is removed from the board and returned to the player's supply,
  • COVID-19 Test Death.png Death - Figure is removed from the game and cannot be used anymore.

Once the pile of facedown testing cards runs out, the discarded testing cards are shuffled to form a new pile.

Example 4a: Blue can place a meeple in an infected area (green arrow) or in an uninfected area (black arrow). If the player chooses to place a meeple in an infected area, the player is obliged to test it.
Example 4b: Blue places a meeple on the infected road as highwayman. The highwayman tests negative COVID-19 Test Negative.png and stays on the road.
3. Scoring a feature

COVID-19 (Fan Expansion) does not affect scoring.

Rules history

* 02/2023 Infection tokens are now also placed when a COVID-19 tile is placed in both infected areas marked with the COVID-19 symbol - the City and the Field. In the previous rules, negatively tested meeples placed on the field affixed with the COVID-19 symbol were protected until the end of the game. This gave an advantage to players who placed meeples on that field.

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Figures affected by COVID-19 (Figures requiring test)

Rule of thumb: Living player figures can be infected with COVID-19!

This table is dynamic and contains figures depends on selected expansions.
Base GameBase GameNormal meepleFigure Meeple red.png
The AbbotThe AbbotAbbotFigure Abbot red.png
Inns & CathedralsInns & CathedralsLarge meepleFigure MeepleLarge red.png
Abbey & MayorAbbey & MayorMayorFigure Mayor red.png
Under the Big TopUnder the Big TopRingmasterFigure Ringmaster red.png
The PhantomThe PhantomPhantomFigure Phantom red.png
Ghosts, Castles & CemeteriesGhosts, Castles & CemeteriesGuard meepleFigure Guard Meeple red.png
Special figures
Traders & BuildersTraders & BuildersBuilderFigure Builder red.png
Traders & BuildersTraders & BuildersPigFigure Pig red.png
Hills & SheepHills & SheepShepherdFigure Shepherd red.png

Fan Expansions

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 1
COVID-19 Tile.png ×1
Total cards: 30
Total tokens: 20
Token COVID-19.png ×20


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Official clarification from the publisher Placing a tile around an infected Monastery does not enlarge the area of infection.
  2. Official clarification from the publisher Any feature where a player can place a player figure.
  3. Official clarification from the publisher Figures can enter an infected area by direct placement in phase 2. Placing a figure or joining an uninfected area where a figure is placed with one or more features, for example by tile placement, which has at least one infected feature.