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The Ferries The Ferries
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A vast array of roads surrounds Carcassonne. The ferries along these roads mean that paths can change, making the thieves’ job that much more fruitful...

General info and comments

Expansion symbol

The Ferries (Mini #3) was originally released by Hans im Glück in 2012.

This expansion has been developed for the Carcassonne basic game. All the basic game rules still apply in addition to the expansion rules below.


  • 8 wooden ferries
Figure Ferry.png
  • 8 new land tiles with lakes
  • 1 new land tile with crop circle



The landscape tiles with lakes are mixed with the other landscape tiles. The wooden ferries are kept available for use.

Placing a tile

When a player draws a tile with a lake, he or she plays it according to normal rules. Then he or she may place a follower.

Deploying a follower

If he chooses to place a follower on a road, he must place the follower on one of the three or four road segments.

Placing a ferry

Afterward, [1] the active player must take a ferry from the stock and link two of the road segments on the tile. The ferry connects the ends of the road to form a continuous road. [2] A road segment without a ferry on a lake is closed at this end. If the tile with the lake completes a feature after placing the ferry, the feature is scored as usual.

Example 1: RED places the tile with a lake. He places a follower (1) and sets a ferry (2). The road that BLUE occupies is completed. BLUE receives 4 points (3).
Example 2: RED places the tile. He places a follower (1) and then sets the ferry (2). RED and BLUE are now present on the same road.

Extending a Road with Ferries and Changing Ferries

If a player places his landscape tile and extends a road that already includes a ferry, [3] the player may move the ferry, but he or she is not required to do so. The ferry must always connect 2 road ends. The player may move the ferry such that it no longer connects to the road that has just been extended. If there are two ferries on the road that was just extended, the player may only move the first ferry in the road – the ferry that is closest to the tile that was just placed. [4]

Example 3: GREEN places the tile. He is allowed to change the first ferry on the road (see dashed arrow) and turns it from position (1) to position (2). GREEN and YELLOW are no longer on the same road.

Special case: If roads from the placed landscape tile extend in several directions, the first ferry in each of these directions may be moved. Thus up to 4 ferries could be moved.

The following diagrams explain movement of multiple ferries after placing a tile. Figures originally posted on BGG by Christof Tisch. [5]

Example 4: If RED places the tile, RED can move ferry (1) and (2). RED can not move ferry (3) since it is not the first ferry from the, just-layed, tile. The YELLOW follower has no impact on the ferries in this example.
Example 5: If RED places the tile, RED places a ferry on it. Then RED can move ferry (1) and (2) and (3) since all ferries are the first on the road that has been made longer. How you place the ferry on the, just-placed, tile does not influence which ferries can be moved.

More rules: A ferry may be moved only once per turn. If a player places a tile with a lake on it, he or she first places the ferry on the new lake. Then, the player may move any further ferries that are allowed by the above rules.

Sequence Summary

The sequence of actions relating to lakes and ferries:

  1. Place (lake) tile
  2. Place follower
  3. Place ferry (if new lake tile placed) [6]
  4. Move ferries on other lakes (if placed tile extends a ferry road) [6]
  5. Score features (if needed)

Scoring a feature

If the tile with the lake completes a feature after placing the ferry, the feature is scored as usual. [7]

Final scoring

At the end of the game, normal scoring for incomplete features applies.

Interaction with Other Expansions

The following notes clarify how The Ferries interact with a couple of major expansion. [8]

Inns & Cathedrals

A ferry lake has nothing to do with an inn lake. Thus, a road that is only beside a ferry lake only scores only 1 point per tile.

Traders & Builders

If a road on which a builder has been placed is extended only through moving a ferry, the player may not perform a double turn. [9]

The crop circles addition

In each mini, you will find a tile of the 7th mini expansion Crop Circles Crop Circles. This expansion is playable with only a single tile, but it is best to play with all 6 tiles. [10]

Tile Distribution

Total tiles: 9 (8 + 1 crop circle)

Individual lakes may differ between tiles with the same basic layout.


For Icons explanation and licensing please visit Icons page.

  1. Official clarification from the publisher This step (placement of the ferry) occurs whether or not a follower was placed. (5/2014)
  2. Interpretation from the Community This order of play provides a mechanism to add a follower to a road occupied by other followers, as seen in Example 2.
  3. Official clarification from the publisher The road must include a wooden ferry to allow movement of that ferry in this situation. Thus, if adding onto a road that ends at a lake without the wooden ferry connection, the ferry cannot be moved. (2/2013)
  4. Official clarification from the publisher In other words, you may move the first ferry that you get to if following a road from the newly placed tile. You may not move any ferries that are beyond the first ferry as seen from the tile. (1/2013)
  5. Interpretation from the Community The post on BGG by Christof Tisch about extending roads and moving ferries can be found here: (1/2013)
  6. 6.0 6.1 Notorious rule difference among editions or publishers The RGG version of the rules incorrectly adds the requirement "if he placed a follower on the road" here, even though there is no such stipulation in the body of the rules.
  7. Interpretation from the Community Road may be closed just by moving ferry, without extending it, since a road segment without a ferry on a lake is closed at this end.
  8. Notorious rule difference among editions or publishers These additional rules clarifications are from the Big Box 4 Big Box 4 edition of the rules.
  9. Official clarification from the publisher If movement of a ferry causes a builder to be on a separate road from the player’s follower, the builder is returned to its owner. It is irrelevant if the follower is still on a road. (5/2013)
  10. Interpretation from the Community Note that the Crop Circle tiles included in the mini expansions are different from the tiles released in the initial Crop Circles expansion (referred to as "Crop Circles I").