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General info and comments

The Black Dragon fan-expansion can be played with the Base Game and any combinations of official and/or fan expansions. The Princess & the Dragon is not required to play with Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon has been released by šmoula, a member of the Carcassonne CZ forum.

The rules files are available here:

  • on Carcassonne CZ Forum (registration is required to access):


Figure Black Dragon.png



Place the Black Dragon to the side for now - it doesn't belong to any player.


Figure Black Dragon.png
1. Placing a tile

Whenever you draw a tile, place it normally.

2. Placing a meeple

You may place a meeple according to the usual rules.

3. Scoring a feature

The Black Dragon does not enter the game until a player scores 50 or more points on the scoring track. At this moment, after scoring completed features, continue to Step 3: Placement of the Black Dragon. From this point forward, at the beginning of phase 3. Scoring feature, the active player must move the Black Dragon when at least one feature is completed.

Step 1: Movement of the Black Dragon
If the Black Dragon is in play and one or more features have been completed by placing a tile, the active player moves the Black Dragon, either horizontally or vertically, by 1 tile for each completed feature. The Black Dragon may not move back to any tile which it previously occupied during this turn. The Black Dragon eats each figure on the tiles that it moves to. Player figures are returned to the supply; neutral figures are placed to the side.

Example 1: Yellow placed a tile which completes 3 features. Yellow moves the Black Dragon three tiles, Red and Blue meeples are returned to their respective players' supplies.

Step 2: Score completed features
Now you score all completed features.

Example 2: Yellow has survived on a completed road after the Black Dragon has finished moving. Yellow scores 2 points and it is returned to the player's supply.

Step 3: Placement of the Black Dragon
After scoring all features and when any player's scoring figure has reached or passed the 50-point field on the scoring board from begin of this turn, you take the Black Dragon and move it directly to the last placed tile. The Black Dragon eats each figure on the tile. All points scored by players after 3. Scoring a feature phase has no effect on the Black Dragon's placement, even if any player has reached or passed the 50-point field on the scoring board.

Example 4a: Situation before scoring by Red.
Example 4b: Red scored 3 points and moved their scoring meeple from 47 points to 50 points. The Black Dragon is placed on the tile which was placed during this turn.

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