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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Please note that Wikicarpedia is not responsible for the content of the links provided. The listed expansions are subject to the regulations of the corresponding websites.

In general, however: The use of the fan expansions for commercial purposes is not allowed. The Fan-Expansions may only be produced for personal use and may not be sold at any time. This also explicitly includes the passing on at cost price.

This list also contains expansions that are still in development (i.e. not yet finished), as well as completed expansions that are still in the workshop.
The shown images are taken from the expansions. But it is up to you to use them. You can easily use other figures, tokens, or use figures as tokens and vice versa.
It would be nice if you write us a comment if a download does not work.
As the list is not complete, it would still be desirable if you could send us links to expansions not listed here. Links to commercial sites are not included here.


4th April 2022 : The data is maintained in an external Excel spreadsheet. Please contact wolnic on Carcassonne Central if you would like to suggest changes or corrections to any of the data. Any changes made here may be overwritten by future updates. Any errors in the data listed below are purely the responsibility of those involved in collating the data.

25th November 2022 : Added Brief Description of each expansion as hidden data below Expansion Title and expanded Feature Categories - initially to section for All Expansions with Tiles, Rules and Tokens/Figures, with other sections to follow

3rd January 2023 : Added about 150 Winter expansions, mostly conversions from C1 to WD, so Tiles only - you'll still have to find the original for rules, tokens, figure requirements, etc.

10th January 2023 : Added a a further 60+ expansions that were first raised, or older ones that have come to light, during 2022. There is still a small batch, primarily those on the Czech Carcassonne Forum, that I have to collect details for.

29th April 2023 : Removed Remarks column from all sections except "Published", and refreshed data accordingly (but no new entries added); added Musings to Expansion Type selection; created two Tabs for Explanatory Info currently on page above Selector - data still to be transferred; added new Selection Category for Completion Status, but is still being tested.

30th April 2023 : Removed Collapse/Expand from individual Table Results - displayed all entries after doing so, even if sub-set selected; add data to allow filtering by Expansion Status; minor data updates

27th August 2023 : Explanatory Tables for Columns and Expansion Types moved to separate tabs within Selector

Miscellaneous Notes

  • If a Green Tick is present in any column, it is likely that the expansion was never fully developed and the rules only loosely specify that figures or tokens required.
  • External links open in a new tab or window. For CarcC and CarcF you'll have to log in. Remember to log out afterwards!
  • If you do click on a link to the remote site, you can use the BACK button in your browser to get back here, where your settings should be maintained.
  • If don't want to include Published Expansions, don't select Publishers.
  • The table rows can be sorted - say by the number of tiles, or by author - by clicking on the little triangles in the header row of each section.
  • If you would like to search through all the expansion descriptions for a keyword, try the Experimental Expansion_List - Descriptions page, but you'll have to use your browser's Search box to find keywords.
  • Descriptions of the expansions are, generally, my own interpretation of the rules, distilled down to the bare essentials and probably missing important elements. Apologies if you feel I have mis-interpreted the concept, but please let me know so that I can correct those entries.


Thanks to Murphy013 for the initial work in creating the data set which contained details of around 650 expansions, and to meepledrone for the creation and maintenance of the Selector.

Special thanks to SxN, Challa007 and Bumsakalaka (members at Carcassonne Central) for assistance with translation of some of the German and Czech language expansions.

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