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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Please note that Wikicarpedia is not responsible for the content of the links provided. The listed expansions are subject to the regulations of the corresponding websites.

In general, however: The use of the fan expansions for commercial purposes is not allowed. The Fan-Expansions may only be produced for personal use and may not be sold at any time. This also explicitly includes the passing on at cost price.

This list also contains expansions that are still in development (i.e. not yet finished), as well as completed expansions that are still in the workshop.
The shown images are taken from the expansions. But it is up to you to use them. You can easily use other figures, tokens, or use figures as tokens and vice versa.
It would be nice if you could write us a comment if a download does not work.
As the list is not complete, we would appreciate it if you could send us links to expansions not listed here, or for those listed as Lost. Links to commercial sites are not included.


This page lists all of the known published and fan-created expansions for the basic game of Carcassonne, including its Winter versions. It does not include expansions that are played with any of the Spin-offs - they are listed on the individual Spin-Off pages. The Selector may take a few seconds to display as it searches through details of around 1400 expansions. The results can be filtered by selecting items such as Author, Carcassonne Edition, Type of expansion, and notable features that apply (like "City", "Monastic", Dragon"). As the categories are selected or de-selected, the page contents will change. The data for each expansion includes Name, a brief Description, a list of components, etc. You can find more details about the contents in the Tabs on the Selector.

Data Changes

4th April 2022 : The data is maintained in an external Excel spreadsheet. Please contact wolnic on Carcassonne Central if you would like to suggest changes or corrections to any of the data. Any changes made here may be overwritten by future updates. Any errors in the data listed below are purely the responsibility of those involved in collating the data for which we apologise.

12th January 2023 : Created Live version of page

Reference for Expansion Selector

You can hide the following two Reference tables by selecting the Collapse option at the right hand side. This will change to Expand. In the future this will be added to Tabs in the main Selector.


Column Description
(and Status)
The first character represents the type of expansion (Tiles only (T), Rules only/Variants (V), Tiles+Rules (R), Tiles+Rules+Figures/Tokens (A), Figures/Tokens+Rules (F), Official/Published (P)); the number is a sequence number within the category, which may change for individual entries over time. This will be useful for advising of corrections.

The cell is coloured according to the status of the expansion - pale green = "Completed", pale orange = "In Development", pale pink = "Lost", pale blue = "Musings", and white for "Commercially Available".

(Title and Description)
The published name given to the expansion, in English and German languages; the German version may be an automated translation if there is no existing German translation available; includes link to page on WICA for detailed information about the expansion, if it exists.

This field also contains a brief description of the expansion, initially Hidden, but visible by clicking on the Expand link - it can be hidden again by clicking on the resulting Collapse link. The Description is contained in a box coloured according to the status of the expansion - pale green = "Completed", pale orange = "In Development", pale pink = "Lost", pale blue = "Musings", and white for "Commercially Available".

Edition The edition of Carcassonne the expansion is designed for, typically based on the included landscape tiles (C1, C2, WD, WE) or version neutral (all four listed). Note: Any expansion that has been created using C3 city artwork will, initially, be listed as C2 as the general artwork style is consistent between the two.
Author The main person, or persons, who created the expansion.
Tiles (Landscape) The total number of landscape tiles or tile blocks included that are used to extend the landscape on the table; this does not include "tiles" that display characters (such as King, or Robber Baron) or are mixed with the landscape tiles but, when drawn, trigger some other action; may include start tiles.
Start Tiles The total number of landscape tiles, or tile blocks, within the expansion, that are (or can be) laid out on the table at the start of play; in the case of a typical river expansion, this would be the number of river source tiles (even though the expansion itself may only require one), but not standard river or lake tiles; if the expansion, for example, alters the way in which a feature is laid out (for example, by placing the Lake or a specific river tile first) then that should be noted instead of river sources.
Special Tiles Landscape tiles, or tile blocks, that are not of the standard size (45mm x 45mm); this could include half-sized tiles, double tiles, or a 2x2 block (such as a central lake); may be subset of the "Tiles"; almost a "Notes" field for tiles; some of the tile blocks may be a single component, or made up from individual tiles.
Figures Any additional figures (wood, or equivalent) required for the expansion; this typically will re-purpose meeples from existing expansions or spin-offs, or from third party suppliers such as Meeplesource or Spielmateriel; some expansions do not specify the exact figures required, other than that they be either of an unused shape (e.g. shepherd, robber, etc.), or player colour; may also include required dice (1-6 or Flier) or other components (wooden tokens, cubes, etc.)
Tokens/Cards/etc. Any additional tokens (card or wood) that are part of the expansion; typically these will be smaller than standard tiles, such as trade tokens, but may include standard tile-sized/shaped character tiles (think King, Robber Baron) or trigger tiles that are mixed with the landscape tiles and drawn as normal, but are not added to the landscape on the table, instead triggering some other action; may also include "playing" cards (additional actions, scores, quests, etc.) which are drawn before or during the game.
Expansion Symbol If the tiles have an expansion symbol, or common design feature, that could help to identify it.
Download Link This includes web links to the downloadable files or discussion threads on CarcC or CarcF, or to another site (such as BGG, or archived CarcC) where the expansion, or information about it, can be found; CarcC Downloads is listed separately from CarcC Forum (latter, generally, if no Download is available), but CarcF uses a common URL for both, so following the link may lead to a Downloads page or a discussion thread; additional info may be included if, for example, the expansion is split across multiple pieces (it might state "Part 1" and "Part 2", or "Rules" and "Tiles"), or that there is no (known) further information available.
(or Categories)
This is used for the Feature Selection option; these are broad features, such as road, city, forest, or river, which are a significant design element of the expansion; in time this feature could be expanded to include other aspects of the expansion to allow more detailed searches to be made. This field may, in future, be renamed as "Categories".
Sample Tiles/Features This is intended to include sample tile(s) showing the main design features. Only a few examples are included at this stage.
Remarks Any pre-requirements (such as other expansions, e.g. The Tower) or other comments. In some cases a short summary of the expansion was included as an aide-memoire during the data gathering stage.

This column will be removed in future as the data originally contained in it has been added to the Description box in the Title field.

Expansion Type

Expansion Type Description
Official (P) Any commercially published expansion (HiG, CundCo, SpielBox, HobbyWorld, etc.)
Figures/Tokens and Rules (F) Rules which includes additional tokens and/or figures, but no additional landscape tiles; includes tile shaped/sized pieces that are not placed into the landscape, such as trigger or character tiles
Tiles, Rules and Figures/Tokens (A) New tile designs with an accompanying set of rules, including tokens and/or additional figures; includes tile shaped/sized pieces that are not placed into the landscape, such as trigger or character tiles
Tiles only (T) New tile designs without any new rules; this can include tiles, or tile blocks, of different sizes; excludes tile shaped/sized pieces that are not placed into the landscape, such as trigger or character tiles; may include tiles that are used with other expansions which do have rules - for example, additional Tower or Flier tiles
Tiles and Rules (R) New tile designs with an accompanying set of rules; no additional figures required, and no additional tokens included; excludes tile shaped/sized pieces that are not placed into the landscape, such as trigger or character tiles
Variants (V) Alternative rules for existing published expansions; no new tiles or other components; so, no borrowing of a figure from another published expansion.
Musings (M) Often just a vague idea or suggestion for figures, tiles and rules, some are slightly better defined but without any major discussion about them; download links may no longer work.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • If a Green Tick is present in any column, it is likely that the expansion was never fully developed and the rules only loosely specify that figures or tokens required.
  • Each section table header contains a Collapse/Expand option in the right-most column which can be used to hide/show the rows. Please note that this view may be reset whenever the selection criteria changes, and the page updates.
  • External links open in a new tab or window. For CarcC and CarcF you'll have to log in. Remember to log out afterwards!
  • If you do click on a link to the remote site, you can use the BACK button in your browser to get back here, where your settings should be maintained.
  • If don't want to include Published Expansions, don't select Publishers.
  • The table rows can be sorted - say by the number of tiles, or by author - by clicking on the little triangles in the header row of each section.
  • If you would like to search through all the expansion descriptions for a keyword, try the Expansion_List - Descriptions page, but you'll have to use your browser's Search box to find keywords.
  • Descriptions of the expansions are, generally, my own interpretation of the rules, distilled down to the bare essentials and probably missing important elements. Apologies if you feel I have mis-interpreted the concept, but please let me know so that I can correct those entries.
  • The Feature Category Missing has been added to the Selection Criteria. While this grouping has nothing to do with features of the expansion, it can be used to identify expansions for which further information is required.
  • There are also a few other categories that are associated with the grouping of the expansions rather than features within them - examples include those released during a particular Advent campaign, or specific conversion between C1 and C2 versions


Thanks to Murphy013 for the initial work in creating the data set which contained details of around 650 expansions, and to meepledrone for the creation and maintenance of the Selector.

Special thanks to SxN, Challa007 and Bumsakalaka (members at Carcassonne Central) for assistance with translation of some of the German and Czech language expansions.

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