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Variants are different versions of Carcassonne game that share the same set of rules.


Various promotional editions.

Knip Carcassonne (CutCassonne)

CutCassonne C2 Image.png

10 cut-n-play tiles for Carcassonne in the Second Edition style introduced in 2014 that were hidden on the bottom of the gift box "Hans im Päckchen" given at out Essen 2014. No meeples were included.

You may cut out the tiles from the box and glue them on blank tiles, and use them as an expansion.

CutCassonne has the darker city backgrounds.

See rules for them here.

Carcassonne Demo-Spel

Carc2 Demo.jpg

Promotional mini game version of Carcassonne contained in the 999 Games 25th anniversary box in 2015. The game is for two players and contains 20 smaller tiles and 8 smaller meeples in red and blue (4 of each). No scoreboard is provided, and all base game rules apply, except farmers. Also released by Hans im Glück in a German edition.

Carcassonne Demo-Spiel has the darker city backgrounds.

See the rules here.

Carcassonne Solo Variant

Solo Variant C2 Image.png

Promotional variant based on the base game released in April 2020 during the "Stay at Home" campaign. Hans im Glück published downloadable rules (in German and in English) for a one-player collaborative variant where the player (or a team) has to score the maximum number of points possible.

It follows the usual rules of the base game with some modifications:

  • It uses 3 sets of meeples only (4 meeples each in 3 colors), and optional one abbot in another color as turn tracker.
  • Scoring meeples on the scoreboard are placed initially in specific spaces.
  • A stack with one third of the tiles is assigned to each color.
  • Meeples must placed whenever there is an unoccupied feature (except fields).
  • Only the meeple(s) with the least number of points can score a completed feature.
  • The game ends when the player cannot place more tiles or cannot place a meeple in a turn (ran out of meeples in one color).
  • The final scoring is based on the number of meeples placed on the board.

See the rules here

Carcassonne Print-and-Play Demo

PnP Demo C2 Rules Cover.png

Print-and-play game version of Carcassonne released in April 2020 during the "Stay at Home" campaign. Hans im Glück published downloadable rules in German and in English (the latter provided by ZMG).

The game is for two to five players and includes 48 smaller tiles and a scoreboard to be printed and cut. Players have also to provide their colored pieces to serve as meeples: 5 for the game and 1 optional for the scoreboard, if used. All base game rules apply, except farmers.

See the rules here.

Beperkte edities

Beperkte editie 2003

LimitedEdition 2003.png

The Limited Edition was released in 2003, and is considered by some as Big Box 0 or, at least, the precursor to the Big Box series.


Beperkte editie: Basisspel, Kooplieden en Bouwmeesters

LE Base TB.jpg

This limited edition was released by Hans im Glück in 2004, and was supplied in a metal box.


Beperkte editie: Basisspel, de Draak, de Fee en de Jonkvrouw

LE Base PD.jpg

This limited edition was released by Hans im Glück in 2006.



LE Tchibo.png

This was sold exclusively by the German trade company Tchibo from 2007. It was packaged with El Grande in a metal box.


Limited edition: Wheel of fortune

Box front
Hidden certificate in the cover

This limited edition was released by Hans im Glück in 2009. From the outside the limited edition is not recognizable as such, only when you take a look in the cover you will find the corresponding certificate. The first 500 copies were signed by the book author Helene-Luise Köppel and the game designer Klaus-Jürgen Wrede.


Beperkte editie: Basisspel, de Graan cirkels

LE Base Crop.jpg

Deze beperkte editie is uitgegeven door Hans im Glück in 2009.


10e Verjaardags-editie

10thAnniv 2011.png

Hans im Glück released the 10th Anniversary Edition of the game in 2011 packaged in a giant blue meeple-shaped case to mark the 10th Anniversary of Carcassonne.


Russian Wheel of fortune

Box BB4 HobbyWorld.png

The Russian Wheel of fortune was released in 2012 by Hobby World.


Müller exclusieve uitgave

MullerExklusiv 2013.png

This was sold exclusively by the German trade company Müller from 2013. It was packaged in a metal box.


Limited edition: Winter-Edition, Gingerbread man

LE WE Gingerbread ZMG.png

This limited edition was released by ZMG and Filosofia in 2013.


Limited edition: Base game, Dutch monasteries

Box BaseKloosters C1 999.png

This limited edition was released by 999 Games in 2014.


15th Anniversary

LE 15thAnniversary.png

Hans im Glück released the 15th Anniversary Edition of the game in 2016.


Saint Nicholas Scoring Board

Santa Claus Scoreboard C2 Image.jpg

The Saint Nicholas Scoring Board is a variant based on a scoreboard for Carcassonne II that was sold by exclusively on Saint Nicholas Day in 2016. It was a limited edition of 150 items.

Two scoreboard spaces are marked with stickers:

  • Space number 6 has a Santa Claus hat.
  • Space number 24 has a Christmas tree.

Het scorebord is ondertekend door Klaus-Jürgen Wrede.

Zie de regels hier

Limited edition: Markets of Leipzig

LE MarketsOfLeipzig.png

This expansion was first released as a limited edition of total 600 examples: the 1st 300 examples at the "modell hobby spiel" in Leipzig from the 29th of September to the 1st of October 2017, and the 2nd 300 examples at the Spiel'17 in Essen from 26th to 29th of October 2017. This limited version was signed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and the CEO of Leipzig's trade fair center (Messe Leipzig) and contain 13 Followers/Meeples. A more general version is also available.


Limited Special Edition 2018

Limited edition 2018.jpg

This was sold exclusively by CundCo from 2018. This was a special edition of the Carcassonne game in the form of a medieval book. The product was handcrafted using natural materials like vegetable tanned leather and hand-made paper.The edition was strictly limited to 100 copies with 80 copies available for sale to Carcassonne fans. Each copy was individually numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authentication.


20th Anniversary Edition

20th Anniversary Edition Box.png

Hans im Glück released the 20th Anniversary Edition of the game in 2021. It comes with the base game, but upgraded with a high gloss, UV spot print on all the tiles and the blue and golden box to truly make the details shine, while the tiles themselves are upgraded with brand new illustrations and decorated with characters. This edition brings 20 new tiles, including a 20th Anniversary expansion with 15 tiles and a new river with 5 more tiles than other rivers and a double-sized tile river source. This edition includes normal meeples and abbots for 5 players, and meeple stickers to personalize the meeples.

This edition has cities with clipped buildings.


Carcassonne Kaarten

Carcassonne Maps

With Carcassonne Maps, HiG offer a new possibility to play Carcassonne. It is designed for the New Edition.

You can use your tiles and meeples in a country, build cities with real names and influence the course of important roads. There are also new ways to score points, for example by scoring a large city or by connecting roads to neighboring countries.

The map consists of high-quality, strong, linen-embossed paper and has the size A1. The map is delivered rolled up and the purchaser is recommended to flatten it by "bending against" before use or to press it flat again under a few books. Alternatively, it can also be attached to the table with a removable adhesive tape (crepe, for example). The latter also has the advantage that it is not moved accidentally.

The map requires players to use their own game material from the base game and some major expansions, so it is not a standalone product but a complement to play a variant of the base game with extra tiles.

Current maps:

  • Benelux
  • France
  • Germany (Deutschland)
  • Great Britain
  • Iberian Peninsula (Península Ibérica)
  • USA East
  • USA West
  • Taiwan (released by Swan Panasia)

Map-Chips expansions

Carcassonne Map-Chips

Additionally, HiG released Map-Chips, an expansion for Carcassonne Maps. Map-Chips, using the same tokens, provide an expansion with a different set of rules for each map. In France players will press wine, whereas Benelux players may pick face-up tiles stacked on islands. On the Iberian Peninsula, players go geocaching; on the British Isles, players might play twice as fast; and, in Germany and Taiwan, players have the possibility to upgrade their meeples.

Carcassonne Maps and Map-Chips rules

See all the rules here

Big Boxes

Carcassonne Big Boxes are a good (and usually cheaper) way for players wanting to get started with the game of Carcassonne as they typically contain a copy of the base game and a number of major, and sometimes minor, expansions. These have been released every few years, with a slightly different set of expansions each time. The following Big Boxes have been released.

Big Box

BigBox 2006.png

De eerste Big Box is uitgegeven in 2006.


The German edition of Big Box did not include The River (thanks to kettlefish)

Big Box 2

BigBox2 2008.png

Big Box 2 is uitgegeven in 2008.


Big Box 3

BigBox3 2010.png

Big Box 3 is uitgegeven in 2010.


Big Box 4

BigBox4 2012.png

Big Box 4 was released in 2012 by HiG.


Big Box 5

BigBox5 2014.png

Big Box 5 is uitgegeven in 2014.


  • Base Game (modified version with additional Wheel of Fortune symbols on some tiles)
  • River III (special edition of River I with vineyards and printed sheep)
  • Exp. 1 - Inns & Cathedrals (including 8 50/100 points tiles instead of 6)
  • Exp. 2 - Traders & Builders (without the cloth bag for tiles)
  • Exp. 9 - Hills & Sheep (without the cloth bag for sheep and wolf tokens)
  • The Wheel of Fortune (different version than the standalone version)
  • Sets of pink and purple figures for players 7th/8th

Big Box 6

BigBox6 2017.png

Big Box 6 is uitgegeven in 2017.


Russian Compilation 1

Box C1 BB1 HobbyWorld.png

The Russian Compilation 1 was released in 2011 by Hobby World. The Bigbox has the name Suburbans and Inhabitants


Russian Compilation 2

Box C1 BB2 HobbyWorld.png

The Russian Compilation 2 was released in 2012 by Hobby World. The Bigbox has the name Noble Towers


Russian Compilation 3

Box Compilation3 C1 RUS.png

The Russian Compilation 3 was released in 2014 by Hobby World. The Bigbox has the name Science & Magic


Russian Big Box 1

Box C1 BB3 HobbyWorld.png

The Russian Big Box 1 was released in 2013 by Hobby World. The Bigbox has the name Royal Gift


Russian Big Box 2

Box BB5 HobbyWorld.png

The Russian Big Box 2 was released in 2019 by Hobby World. The Bigbox has the name Royal Gift



De volgende bundels zijn uitgegeven.

Bundle: Base game, Traders and Builders, Princess and Dragon

Bundle TB PD.jpg

Deze bundel is uitgegeven in 2005.


Bundle: Base game, Tower

Bundle Tower.jpg

Deze bundel is uitgegeven in 2007.


Bundle: Base game, Catapult

Bundle Catapult.png

Deze bundel is uitgegeven in 2012.


Bundle: Base game II, Inns and Cathedrals II

Bundle IC II.png

Deze bundel is uitgegeven in 2016.



Carcassonne Reis Editie


De Reis Editie is uitgegeven in 2007.

The tile size of the Travel Edition is smaller than the regular game, so it is not possible to add any expansion for the regular game, except The Phantom expansion. Meeples, too, are smaller than normal.

The game includes a bag for the tiles that is printed with a scoring table.

Carcassonne Start Tableau

Carcassonne Start Tableu C1 Front.png

The Carcassonne Start Tableau was released in 2015.

The tableau features the city of Carcassonne and offers additional possibilities to place tiles at the beginning of the game. The picture is known from The Count of Carcassonne, where it was included as single tiles.

Carcassonne voor 2

CarcFor2 2017.png

Carcassonne voor 2 is uitgegeven door Hans im Glück in 2017.

It is a two-player version of Carcassonne that comes in a small metal box. There is no score track.


  • 48 landscape tiles (subset of the standard base game with additional tiles in other configurations)
  • 12 meeples in two colours - 6 each in red and blue


Various variants for Carcassonne spin-offs.

Winter Digitale Download

WinterDownload 2011.jpg

In 2011, prior to the release of Winter Carcassonne, this was made available for download, for personal "print and play", from the Hans im Glück web site. The intent was for the files to be printed onto stickers and then stuck to regular Carcassonne tiles. Style-wise it was based on the First Edition artwork, with a covering of snow. This edition contained the standard set of 72 tiles and standard rules. Once Winter Carcassonne was released in 2012, the download version was withdrawn.


  • 72 land tile images in a 6 page PDF file